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New Gear SDK Includes Details About Samsung's Upcoming Round Smartwatch

Samsung was early to the recent smartwatch craze, but its products haven't exactly sold like gangbusters. While Samsung has made an Android Wear watch, it seems more interested in moving forward with its Tizen-based Gear platform, and the new Gear SDK offers a lot of detail about that next device. It'll be round, but that's not the only thing we know.


The watch will have a 1.18-inch round display with a resolution of 360x360.

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LG Watch Urbane Review: $350 Buys You The Nicest Android Wear Watch Yet, If That's Something You Want

LG's newest smartwatch, the LG Watch Urbane, costs $350. So let me just throw it out there now: judging LG's new Watch Urbane from a value perspective is sort of completely silly. When it comes to value, I don't think any Android Wear watch has especially great appeal - after all, you're paying as much or more for one than you would a relatively inexpensive smartphone, a smartphone that does many, many more things. But the Watch Urbane has even less value appeal than most Wear devices (not that this is at all fatal to its success as a product).

If you really care about value, the Sony SmartWatch 3 with its Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC are right here for $100 less than the Watch Urbane (if not less than that if you get it on sale).

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The Google Store Is No Longer Selling The LG G Watch, One Of The First Android Wear Devices

It was just over a year ago that we first caught wind of Android Wear. At the same time, we were introduced to the G Watch, which would be the first Wear device—released alongside the Samsung Gear Live—to be sold to the general public. Now, with the addition of the G Watch Urbane and a permanent price drop for the G Watch R, the original G Watch is headed out of the Google Store.


There was no telling exactly when this would happen, but it is no surprise that it comes now. First of all, there is just a lot of LG in the Android Wear section of the Google Store right now.

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LG G Watch R Is Now Listed At $249 In Google Store, A $50 Price Drop

On the heels of the LG G Watch Urbane's arrival to the Google Store, the G Watch R gets a nice discount. Originally sold at $299, you can now get it for $249. This is a good deal; just several weeks ago we told you about an offer where you could get the G Watch R for $269. The price puts it at a fair distance from the newer Urbane, which is starting at $349.


This is definitely a deal to look into, since we once crowned the G Watch R as perhaps the best first-generation Android Wear device. Of course, it's still a first-generation device, which is now reflected in its price.

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LG Watch Urbane Is Now Available In The Google Store For $349, Shipping To The US, UK, Australia, And More

LG's round watch do-over just went live in the Google Store, and it can be yours for the Apple-esque price of $350. The LG Watch Urbane looks like a smoother, more attractive G Watch R, but that'll cost you an extra $50 apparently (launch prices). It's available in a number of countries, but it won't leave the warehouse for a few days yet.

2015-04-27 17_25_11-LG Watch Urbane - Gold or Silver - Google Store

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28 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 3/10/15—4/21/15

You can't do as much with a smartwatch as you can with a phone, but these little wrist computers are surprisingly capable. You just need the right apps. Well, and watch faces too. Google highlights a few Wear apps from time to time, but we're always watching in order to spot the best things for your watch, and here they are.

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Google Announces Winners Of The Google Fit Developer Challenge

In Late 2014, Google - along with Adidas, Polar, and Withings - opened a Google Fit developer challenge, hoping to get more apps into Google's burgeoning fitness ecosystem.

Today, the winners of that challenge have been announced. The twelve grand prize winners will get special promotion in the Play Store, greatly increasing their visibility to potential users. Additionally, winners (grand prize and runners up) will receive the X_CELL and SPEED_CELL from Adidas, an unspecified "new" Android Wear device, a Loop activity tracker from Polar, and a Smart Body Analyzer from Withings.

Among the grand prize winners are apps like FitSquad, which puts users in competition with their friends to get fit and Move it!

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Haters Still Get The Bird In Extended Version Of Google's 'Wear What You Want' Spot

Just before Apple's "Spring Forward" watch event last week, Google released a quick, fun, 17-second spot to promote its own wearable offerings, keeping with Android's new tagline "be together, not the same" by demonstrating that Android Wear watches already come in all sorts of shapes so you can "wear what you want."

Today, Google has released a full minute-long version of the spot, with even more watches and even more dancing. The video uses Shamir's On the Regular as a soundtrack, and features a ton of talented dancers including Dytto, Brian Smith, and dancers from StatusSilver.

"Whether you tut, pop, rock or robot," there's no denying Google's executed a creative, eye-catching spot that fits really well with Android's new brand message.

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30 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 1/30/15—3/9/15

It's been about a year since Android Wear was announced, and here we are with a few watches and a ton of apps and faces. I hear there's some other company that announced a smartwatch recently. I think they usually sell fruit or something. Whatever, we're here to talk about all the cool new stuff you can do with your Android Wear watch. So here are the best new apps and watch faces that have come to Wear in the last few weeks.

Wear Apps

Wear Hydrate Me

Doctors say you should drink at least 35 liters of water per day to prevent bonus eruptus, a rare disorder in which the skeleton tries to jump out of the mouth and leave the body.

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[What Apple Watch Event?] Google Releases Catchy 17-Second Android Wear Ad

Apple has a big event scheduled to kick off whenever the hour, with folks looking forward to learning more about upcoming MacBooks and the Apple Watch. The latter will be a first-generation device, Apple's long-awaited debut into the wearables market.

But forget about that product for a moment and remember that, whatever the headlines, Apple's watch will hardly be the only decent smartwatch in town. Google has just released a short commercial showing consumers that Android Wear is a thing and that its watches are cool.

The 17-second commercial features plenty of young people wearing various circular and square watches all sporting different faces.

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