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[What Apple Watch Event?] Google Releases Catchy 17-Second Android Wear Ad

Apple has a big event scheduled to kick off whenever the hour, with folks looking forward to learning more about upcoming MacBooks and the Apple Watch. The latter will be a first-generation device, Apple's long-awaited debut into the wearables market.

But forget about that product for a moment and remember that, whatever the headlines, Apple's watch will hardly be the only decent smartwatch in town. Google has just released a short commercial showing consumers that Android Wear is a thing and that its watches are cool.

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Pebble Introduces The Pebble Time Steel And Smartstraps That Do More Than Simply Hold The Watch To Your Wrist

Pebble has received 12 million in pledges since unveiling its updated smartwatch, but as impressive as that is, it's not what I've come here to tell you. This time around, Pebble isn't waiting half a year to update its creation with a higher-end iteration. One week after kicking off the project, the company has followed up with a second version, the Pebble Time Steel.

Like the Pebble Steel before it, the Pebble Time Steel doesn't change the internals found in its plastic sibling, except for a larger battery, which will apparently provide this model with up to 10 days of use.

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[It's Pebble Time] Pebble's New Smartwatch Reaches Over $10 Million In Kickstarter Funding With 29 Days Still To Go

When the time came to unveil its second generation smartwatch, Pebble returned to the crowdfunding site where everything began. Setting the bar low, the company only wanted $500,000 to call the Pebble Time project, the name of its new watch, a success. Within half an hour, it had already reached a million dollars. Now the project sits over $10.5 million with 29 days left to go.


Pebble played it smart with this campaign.

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Pebble Leaks Image Of New Smartwatch With Color Display One Day Before Announcement

Pebble's website is currently home to a big countdown clock that is tracking the hours between now and 10AM EST tomorrow, February 24th. At that time, the company is expected to unveil information about new hardware and software.

Today we've caught a glimpse of both. The company briefly hosted this image on its servers before taking it back down.


The image shows a black, rounder Pebble with a color display. The four buttons used to navigate the on-screen interface—one on the left and three on the right—remain present on this updated model.

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A Developer Has Gotten Android Wear To Work With An iPhone Without Jailbreaking

A developer has done the (almost) unthinkable: gotten an Android Wear watch to work with an Apple iPhone. More specifically, it's a Moto 360 and an iPhone 6. Maybe more surprising is that he did not need to jailbreak the iPhone to do it, even though his happens to be. It's not exactly clear how much he needed to modify the watch, but he's obviously loaded custom software onto it. Here's a proof-of-concept video:

If you don't like videos, it shows a text message rolling in on the iPhone and an alert subsequently popping up on the Moto 360.

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[What] Neptune Announces The $800 Neptune Duo: Basically A Smartwatch And A Dumb Phone, Which Makes No Sense

Imagine somebody tells you they have an idea for a revolutionary new bicycle. Except it has a gas engine. And headlights. And can be driven at up to 35MPH. You might - mistakenly! - contend that what this person is talking about is in fact a motorcycle, and that it already exists, and why on earth would you invent a motorcycle with skinny bike tires, a tragically low top speed, cantilever brakes, and no sprung suspension (concerns of cost aside)?

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It's Always Material-O'Clock With 'Bold Watch Face' For Android Wear

Material warriors, this is the watch face you've been waiting for. It's a watch face forged from the finest material pixels and animations, presumably with the blessing of Lord DuARTe himself. What time is it? Material-o'clock, now and forever.

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Pebble App Updated To v2.3 With Firmware v2.9 Bringing Actionable Notifications, User-Defined Replies, And More

The Pebble continues to chug along even with Android Wear garnering most of the limelight among the Android faithful. Today's Pebble update adds a few new features, some borrowed from Wear, and some that improve on it. You'll need the recently released v2.9 firmware and the just released app (v2.3), but it's quick to update.

Screenshot_2015-02-16-14-56-03 Screenshot_2015-02-16-14-55-41 Screenshot_2015-02-16-14-53-59

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Sony's Stainless Steel SmartWatch 3 Is Going On Sale This Week, Custom Holder Kit Still A Few Weeks Out

Sony announced the stainless steel version of its SmartWatch 3 at CES last month, saying that it would be on sale in February. Here we are smack in the middle of February and Sony is apparently making good. The metal SmartWatch 3 is going to be available globally this very week.


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31 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 12/29/14—1/29/15

Is it the age of the smartwatch yet? I don't know, but developers are sure acting like it is. You can hardly turn around without seeing another new watch face or utility for Android Wear. Google still hasn't made it particularly easy to find new Wear apps, but we're keeping track of all the best new stuff, and here it is.

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