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The 28 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces Since Wear Launched

Android Wear has only been out for a few weeks, but already developers are trying their hands at designing apps for Google's wearable platform. Since this is a new usage paradigm for Android, it's hard to know what sort of user experiences will catch on and which will fall flat. This is the first installment of what will hopefully become a regular part of our roundups – all the best apps and watch faces for Android Wear.

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[New App] Music Boss For Wear Aims To Be A One-Stop-Shop For All Your Media Controlling Needs On Android Wear

Music Boss was one of the apps Pebble users have found rather indispensible, and now there's a version for Android Wear. This is essentially an alternative way to control all your media apps (not just music) with swipe gestures and a prettier info screen. It's still not an ideal solution, but maybe you'll overlook its foibles.

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[New App] Razer Releases A Companion App For The Upcoming Nabu Smart Band

Everyone is making a wearable thing now, but you can't buy Razer's Nabu smart band just yet. The device is still in limited beta trials, but once it's out, the newly released Nabu Android app will tie it to your phone. I guess until then you can stare longingly at the login screen.

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Alleged HTC Android Wear Smart Watch Leaked By @evleaks

There are currently only two Android Wear watches available for purchase, but HTC has been reportedly planning to throw its hat into the ring too. There's a new render of what may be HTC's Android Wear watch from @evleaks, and it's another square.


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Wear Mini Launcher Adds A Quick Settings Drawer With Toggles For Your Phone

One of the first applications I installed on my LG G Watch is Wear Mini Launcher. I know it is not the Google-approved way of launching apps on Android Wear, but I don't see myself talking to my watch in public or scrolling through a long list of commands to get to the Start menu. This third-party app offers a quick way to launch Wear apps and is being updated regularly to add more features.

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Google Addresses Custom Watch Faces On Android Wear, Says Developers Should Hold Off Until The API Is Done

If you've got one of those shiny new Android Wear watches to fiddle around with, you've probably noticed the sad state of custom watch faces. There are a few already in the Play Store, but they often don't work right. Google has finally provided an update for developers on what they should do about custom watch faces. Basically – don't make them yet.

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All the custom watch faces we have right now are basically hacks that are using workarounds to show you the time.

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There Is Now A Matrix "Falling Code" Watch Face For Android Wear (It Was Inevitable And You Know It)

The world was a whole lot simpler back in 1999 – the economy was doing fine, MTV played music, and the Matrix was much less ridiculous without all that weird pseudo-philosophy from the sequels. There's a new watch face that can take you back to those relaxing days each time you look at your Android Wear watch. Yes, a Matrix watch face.


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Minuum Demos An Android Wear Keyboard That Might Not Suck

Perhaps you've tried the Minuum keyboard on your phone or tablet. It's designed to take up as little space as possible on the screen with just a single line of keys, which is great for smaller screens. How small, though? The developers think smart watch size sounds good, so they are working on Minuum for Android Wear. There's a beta you can try to get into as well.

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Wear Mini Launcher Already Improving With Brightness Slider, Gear Live Fixes, And More

Android Wear apps are continuing to flow into the Play Store, but Wear Mini Launcher might be the most interesting one yet. This app places a slide-out app list on your smart watch, saving you from diving into the options to access things by touch. It was a little wonky at first, but already it's shaping up nicely after a few weekend updates.


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[New App] Wear Camera Remote Mirrors The Viewfinder On Your Watch In Real Time, But It's Not Quite Ready For Primetime

Google updated its official Camera app with Wear support recently, but that just makes the watch into a shutter button with image review. Wear Camera Remote is a proof-of-concept app that streams the viewfinder to Android wear and works as a shutter.


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