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AT&T Has The LG Watch Urbane 2 LTE Available For Pre-Order Again At $359.99 Or $199.99 With Contract

Things did not go as planned for LG with the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition, which was originally supposed to come out late last year. A hardware defect caused the company to halt the release and bring the watch back to the drawing board. Now, it's ready to go again and AT&T will let you pre-order one right now.

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Fossil Announces Two New Android Wear Watches, The Q Wander And Q Marshal

Fossil is going all in with Android Wear following the release of the Q Founder. The company has announced two new Wear devices—Q Wander and the Q Marshal—with a slimmer profile and some interesting styles. You can't buy them yet, but these devices look even more "watch-like" than the Q Founder and Moto 360.

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[Update: Now $75 Off + $50 GC] Deal Alert: Incredible Sale On The Nexus 6P At B&H, $50 Off + $50 Gift Card With No Sales Tax Outside New York

I see you. Yes, you. You've been hanging around AP for months now, reading every article and news story about the sleek and sexy Nexus 6P. You want a 6P, I know, but you've got that nagging problem that you're struggling to overcome – you want the phone, but you just can't pull the trigger until the right deal comes along.

Well my friend, the deal is here. B&H has the Nexus 6P on sale for $50 off the price it sells for at the Google Store.

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[Deal Alert] LG G Watch Urbane Available For $200 From BuyDig Via eBay Once Again

Even though it's been out for a while now, the LG G Watch Urbane is still one of the most premium Android Wear devices you can buy. Its normal price currently sits around $250, but today you can pick one up for just $200 on BuyDig via eBay. We posted this deal a couple of weeks back, but that was just days after the holidays and I expect that some of you were too broke or hung over to notice. You're welcome.

The device ships free anywhere in the US and retail tax is only charged in the state of New Jersey.

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MediaTek Announces Wearable-Focused MT2523 Chip

Most smart watches and similar wearables use re-purposed phone processors like the Snapdragon 400. MediaTek is trying to offer a more focused alternative with the just-announced MT2523. It's a complete system-in-package (SiP) for wearables with GPS, dual-mode Bluetooth LE, support for high-resolution screens, and a highly efficient Cortex M4 CPU.

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Google Glass: Enterprise Edition Shows Up On FCC Website, Google Continues To Play Dumb

Google's attempt to make a wearable face computer didn't go so well, but maybe the masses just weren't ready. Now, Google Glass is reportedly on its way to businesses with a new Enterprise Edition. This assumes even businesses have a use for Glass. Google has yet to acknowledge the existence of this device, but images are now up on the FCC's website. It looks a lot like the original Explorer Edition Glass.

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The Fossil Q Founder Android Wear Watch Is On Sale In The Google Store For $295

The Fossil Q Founder is important for a few reasons. It's the first Intel-powered Android Wear device and the first one designed by a real watchmaker to actually go on sale. Fossil started selling it a few days ago, and now it's available for purchase direct from the Google Store. Google says it should ship in 1-2 days, which is about as fast as things get there.

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Video: The Huawei Watch's New Customizable Watch Face Is Surprisingly Awesome

In the most recent update to the Huawei Watch, the company added a brand-new customizable face to the device. While you may note that there are plenty of watch face creation apps out there for Android Wear, Huawei's is a bit different. All of the customization happens on the watch itself, and the UI is dead simple - just pick and choose the elements you want, and you're off with a personalized layout.

While it's not the most robust customization we've seen for Android Wear, the simplicity and functionality of Huawei's tool is what really makes it shine. Anybody can figure this out, and it allows you to add just a touch of personal flare to your smartwatch if you find the built-in faces don't really suit you.

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30 Best Android Wear Apps And Watch Faces From 9/15/15—12/2/15

Remember when we had watches that didn't run apps? What dark days those were. Of course, now we have the problem of finding good apps for our watches. Google doesn't really make it easy to find everything with Android Wear support, but that's what these little (big) roundups are all about. Here are all the best Android Wear apps and watch faces we've come across recently.

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Fossil Q Founder Appears On The Google Store, Not Yet For Sale

The Fossil Q Founder is available now on Fossil's site, but it looks like the Google Store will be getting on the action shortly, as well. The Q Founder retails for $295 at Fossil and is the first not-insanely-priced smartwatch you can buy with one of Intel's brand-new Atom ultra-low-power processors. Most Wear devices to date have used Qualcomm's Snapdragon 400 series chip. The Q Founder also has a full gigabyte of RAM, double what you get in the Moto 360 (2015), Huawei Watch, or LG's Watch Urbane, and a respectably large 400mAh battery.

Google has posted a more exhaustive specification sheet than the one on Fossil's store, so you get a bit more insight into what makes this watch different from the rest of the pack.

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