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YouTube lets you donate to creators and videos you like by buying a $2 applauseEven a 👏 is now monetized

YouTube creators can make money in several different ways: video ad monetization, channel memberships, Super Chats and Super Stickers in live broadcasts, merchandise sales, sponsored product placements, affiliate links for purchases, etc... But if most of these felt too impersonal for you and you just wished you could tip your favorite creator, no strings attached, you'll have a way to do this soon.

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The Galaxy Z Flip is official: The world's first foldable glass smartphone

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip is now official as the first formal announcement at Samsung's Unpacked event, before even the Galaxy S20 series. The company is "changing the shape of the future" with the Galaxy Z Flip. The new folding phone, featuring a folding glass display, will be available starting this Friday the 14th, beginning at $1380.

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Google Earth View has more than 1,000 new wallpaper images for your phones and PCs

Some people fly on planes. Other people fly in their dreams. And while we'd have some idea of how it'd feel to be up there looking down on the world, thank goodness for the advent of camera-equipped satellites to give us the best views of our planet. And if you happen to like a good satellite image as your phone's wallpaper, you're now spoiled for choice as Google Earth has added over a thousand high-quality images available for download from its Earth View Gallery.

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Google Assistant Ambient Mode is rolling out to recent OnePlus phones

Google made it possible to have a Nest Hub-like experience on your mobile screen—be it phone or tablet—using the Assistant-based Ambient Mode. The feature was released with support for a handful of devices, but it soon expanded to include some popular Nokia and Xiaomi phones, plus some the Lenovo tablets. Today, OnePlus announced that it is rolling out this Ambient Mode to its range of flagship handsets released after 2016.

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Watch the Galaxy S20 unveiling at Samsung Unpacked right here

Samsung's much-awaited Unpacked 2020 event is only a couple of hours away. Even though we already know a lot about the upcoming Galaxy S20 family and Galaxy Buds+, there is still a lot we're not sure about, like whether or not the clamshell Z Flip will just make a brief appearance or if we'll have a real launch date, price, and more specific details about it.

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Ok Google, don't be derpy: Assistant plays a song every time this guy tries to turn off his lights

As Google crams more and more capabilities into Assistant, we've noticed a bit of a decline in the virtual helper's "intelligence." Things that used to work well have become hit-and-miss, others that seem obvious to our human brains are handled in a ridiculously dumb way, but at no point in time has Assistant shown off its true cluelessness better than in this latest bug, which is affecting one of our readers. Each time he wants to turn off the lights, he gets a YouTube video of a song about turning off the lights. Genius.

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Galaxy S20 Ultra flaunts its massive camera bump in first real-world photos (Update: More pics and official video)

Last year, all smartphone manufacturers got into a single room and elected a unified rear-facing camera design for smartphones: a rectangular bump on the top left. That's the only logical explanation for the slew of similar-looking devices we've seen in recent months, be it the iPhone 11, Pixel 4, Galaxy Note10 and S10 Lite, or others. We've known for a while that Samsung's upcoming flagships will follow the same trend and now we're getting further proof thanks to real-life images of the S20 Ultra and S20+.

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'Google voice typing' now has. Automatic punctuation, and it's screwing up. People's messages. (Update: Fixed)

While many bilinguals have their issues with Google's speech-to-text algorithms, native speakers or those who have their phones set to one language only generally don't suffer from too harsh inconsistencies. But Google has started adding an incredibly error-prone automatic punctuation feature to its voice typing input method that can't be turned off, and it's driving. People. Nuts.

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Boris and the Dark Survival is the latest horror game from the creators of Bendy in Nightmare Run

Back in August of 2018, the stylish auto-runner Bendy in Nightmare Run was released on the Play Store by Joey Drew Studios, and it has been wildly successful, picking up over 5-million installs over the last year and a half. Shortly after Nightmare Run's release, the followup Bendy and the Ink Machine landed on Android as a first-person action-horror game, continuing the spooky theme of Nightmare Run. Today the offshoot title Boris and the Dark Survival has arrived on the Play Store. Just like the last two games in the series, you can expect an unnerving experience where you'll have to use your wits to survive an evil Ink Demon stalking your every move.

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Huawei's FreeBuds 3 are a solid alternative to Apple’s AirPods Pro

By most estimates, Apple’s AirPods business alone is worth about $8 billion. Let that sink in for a minute. No wonder everyone’s getting into the true wireless earbuds game — from Samsung to Google to Microsoft to Amazon. And of course, Huawei joined the party a while ago. Its third generation FreeBuds 3, while beating the AirPods Pro to market (IFA 2019), compete directly with Apple’s latest offering.

I‘ve been using Huawei’s FreeBuds 3 on and off for a couple months now, but also enjoyed a brief stint with Apple’s AirPods Pro, so here’s what you need to know.

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