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ZTE put a screen on the back of the Nubia Z18S, because why the hell not

Just last year, ZTE came out with the Axon M, a phone with two screens that merged to form one giant nearly-square display when it was unfolded. It looks like one awkward dual-screen phone wasn't enough for the company, judging from leaked photos (and video) of the ZTE Nubia Z18S.

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ZTE Axon 9 Pro hands-on: ZTE fought hard to bring us this iPhone clone

We will no doubt look back at the spring of 2018 as an era of intense ZTE drama. Following an enforcement action by the US Commerce Department, ZTE was cut off from all its US suppliers. The company partially shut down and put all projects on hold until it could work out a deal with the US government. One of those delayed projects was the Axon 9 Pro, which was finally unveiled at IFA 2018. The debut (probably coming much later than ZTE would have liked) is a bit of a letdown for anyone hoping ZTE would come out swinging after its near-death experience.

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ZTE reveals €649 Axon 9 Pro, forgets why people liked the Axon 7

ZTE is now back in business, and today at IFA it revealed its latest Axon flagship phone — which won't be coming to the US. With no Axon 8, ZTE has jumped straight up to the Axon 9 (with a superfluous "Pro" suffix). In its short keynote, the company was adamant that it was striving "once again to improve the impressive sound of Axon," and apparently the best way to do that was by removing the Axon 7's high-end analog audio/headphone jack experience. Coupled with a strangely high €649 price tag, ZTE seems to have forgotten why people liked the Axon series in the first place.

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TWRP support arrives for HTC U12+, Xiaomi Mi Max 3, and more

About a month has passed since our last TWRP installment, and several more Android devices have joined the ranks since then. This time around, new entrants include the HTC U12+, Xiaomi's Mi Max 3, the minuscule Unihertz Jelly Pro, as well as some Samsung and ZTE Nubia phones.

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Another government ban is targeting Huawei and ZTE hardware

The past few months have been difficult for Chinese smartphone OEMs, particularly ZTE and Huawei. ZTE nearly shut down after the U.S. government placed a trade ban on the company, which was finally lifted last month. Earlier this year, AT&T and Verizon reportedly dropped plans to sell the Huawei Mate 10 Pro due to pressure from the federal government. Now both companies are under fire again, as U.S. agencies are now banned from using their telecommunications technology.

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US Commerce Department officially lifts trade ban on ZTE

It has been a weird couple of months for ZTE since the US Commerce Department imposed a complete trade ban on ZTE that cut it off from its US suppliers. ZTE was forced to shut down while it worked on a solution with the government, and now it's back in action. The Commerce Department has confirmed that ZTE followed through with the new settlement requirements, so the trade ban is no more.

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ZTE signs escrow agreement with U.S. to lift trade ban

After the U.S. Department of Commerce banned ZTE from importing US-made components, due to the company violating an agreement it made in 2017, ZTE shut down most operations while it fought to lift the ban. The Commerce Department told ZTE it had to pay over a billion dollars in fines and replace its entire senior leadership for the ban to be lifted, which ZTE agreed to last month.

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ZTE gets authorization to conduct limited business for the next month

It's been nothing but bad news for ZTE over the last couple months, but there's finally a positive development for the Chinese technology firm. The US Commerce Department has temporarily lifted part of the trade ban that effectively shut down ZTE back in April. This will help ZTE keep the lights on as it works toward full compliance.

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ZTE pays new $1 billion fine, but its future remains uncertain

Chinese technology firm ZTE says it has forked over $1 billion to the US government. This is the first step toward ZTE returning to operation after a ban on purchasing US technology in April forced it to partially shut down. However, it's not out of the woods yet as the entire incident has become a political firestorm for the US administration.

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U.S. Senate passes ZTE sanctions, bill now goes to committee

The decision by President Trump and the Department of Commerce to lift ZTE's ban on importing U.S. components drew plenty of criticism, but it seemed to mark the end of the ongoing ZTE drama. Unfortunately for the company, the ban now has a real chance of being reinstated.

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