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Racelink from the makers of Zombies, Run! is a virtual racing platform for brands and charities

Finding the motivation to put on your running shoes and get out to the street and, worse, start running can be tough. Zombies, Run! makes it fun by providing a back story and a "reason" for your run: Zombies are chasing you and your survival depends on running. It's thrilling and different enough that it could be the thing you need to start running and keep doing it every day. You might even get so passionate about it that you'd participate in the app's virtual races where you compete with real runners around the world.

Now the team behind Zombies, Run! is releasing a standalone app for these virtual races, but it's aimed at brands and charities.

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Google Adds A Ton Of Glassware Just Before I/O, Including Duolingo, Zombies Run, Shazam, And Livestream

Admit it, Glass owners, half the reason you're going to Google I/O is that you want to chat with other Glass people about how cool Glass is (hashtag throughglass). Google has given you plenty to chat about: they've just thrown a dozen new apps into the Glassware gallery, all of them from notable sources. Probably the most interesting is Livestream, the official app for, which was previously available as a side-load install.

Livestream Duolingo lyrics_mafic_coldplay

StarChart TheGuardian ZombiesRun

Clockwise from left: Livestream, Duolingo, MusiXmatch, Star Chart, The Guardian, and Zombies Run!

Other possibly useful additions include a Glassified version of the Duolingo language learning app, a really cool take on the augmented reality Star Chart app, heads-up versions of the Runtastic and Zombies Run!

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Zombies, Run! Gets A Bright Red Holo Makeover For Big 3.0 Update And A New Season With Over 60 Missions

The premise behind Zombies, Run! is pretty simple - there are some zombies, and you're probably not going to want them to catch you. Fire up the app, stick some earbuds into your ear, and run. No, run! You typically don't spend too much time looking at your phone while using this app, but (wait, why did you stop moving, run!) the new update to version 3.0 will make sure the app looks holorific the next time you do.

Zombies1 Zombies2 Zombies3


Zombies4 Zombies5 Zombies6


Developers Six to Start know users don't have all that much time to look at the app while they're running, so it's included a new wave of something other than zombies.

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[New Game] Zombies, Run! Developer Six To Start Launches A New, Slower-Paced App To Get People Moving: The Walk

Six to Start's latest app is another pedometer for people who need more motivation to get off the couch. Similar to the team's previous game, Zombies, Run!, The Walk is an immersive experience that pits players in the midst of a suspenseful storyline - but rather than tap and swipe at the screen to make progress, you must get on your feet and move. It hopes to change your next walk around town into an adventure you will never forget.

TheWalk1 TheWalk2 TheWalk3

The game begins with a bomb exploding in Inverness station and you being handed a package that could save the world.

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Zombies, Run! Launches Season 2, Time To Strap On Your Vibrams

Few things motivate me to run more than the threat of disembodied zombies pursuing me through city streets. For a while now, escaping the undead has felt dull and repetitive, as if I'm just going through the same motions over and over again. Fortunately, Six to Start is back with a brand new season of Zombies, Run! Fans of the fitness game have been eagerly awaiting a new chapter almost as fervently as Walking Dead watchers crave their favorite AMC hit.

For owners of the app, this update brings a refreshed look to the UI, revamps the base-building experience, and adds seven new missions to the storyline.

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Zombies, Run! Update Brings Accelerometer Support, Now You Can Flee For Your Life On A Treadmill In Front Of Strangers

How far we've come since the early days of running from zombies! Why, back in my day, if we wanted to be chased by hordes of the undead, we had to actually get out of the house and run around, since GPS was the only supported method for keeping track of our progress. Now, however, the app that's designed to get you working out by forcing you to flee for your life has added accelerometer support, so treadmill runners can get in on the action. Nifty!

zombiesrun1 zombiesrun2 sombiesrun3

In addition to accelerometer mode, there is also a bit of new content.

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[Deal Alert] Zombies, Run! On Sale For $2.99 (Normally $7.99) Until September 3rd

Several weeks ago, Zombies, Run! gave our own Eric Ravenscraft a much-needed trip outside the house while he reviewed the unique workout/game hybrid. After using the application for several days, he came away impressed with it, though questioned its $8 price tag. If you share his sentiments, now may be the time to splurge and grab the download, as the price is down to just $3 until tomorrow.

1[4] 1[6] 3

For those who may not already know, Zombies, Run! is a unique application that turns your tired old running routine into a game of apocalyptic survival. Plug in your headphones, hit play, and start running - the app will be in charge of immersing you in a world filled with the undead.

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