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[New Game] Dead On Arrival 2 Launches Everywhere, Unleashes The Zombie Horde A Few Days Behind Schedule

N3V Games dropped Dead on Arrival 2 in the Play Store last week, but they made the game exclusively available in their native Australia and neighbor New Zealand. They announced that they would roll the game out globally on September 23rd, and while it may now be two days later, we can't blame them for giving their peeps a few extra days of exclusive playtime. Still, that time's up, so everyone else can now pick up their trusty firearm of choice.

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[New Game] Zombie Gunship Flies Into The Play Store, Lets Players Slay Undead From The Comfort Of An AC-130

I've never understood why shotguns are the go-to weapon for fending off zombie hordes. Sure, in a close encounter, it's a guaranteed way to put a bloodthirsty undead drone on its backside, but it's not going to liberate an entire city in the event of an outbreak. Such large-scale crowd control needs more than pseudo-vigilante justice. That's why, unless every air force base in the world were to succumb to a zombie outbreak at the same time, I would expect to see an AC-130 bringing the rain from the skies.

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[New Game] Dead On Arrival 2 Arrives In Australia And New Zealand Ahead Of Wide Release, Launches Globally September 23

The inevitable Zombie apocalypse has begun again, but for the time being, the outbreak is quarantined to Australia and New Zealand. Developers N3V Games are proud to work Down Under and are giving gamers in both countries a week of exclusive quality time with the title before launching the game elsewhere on September 23. In the meantime, Dead on Arrival 2 is available for all to see in the Play Store.

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[New Game] PIKPOK's 'Into The Dead' Throws You Into The Middle Of The Zombie Apocalypse, And It's Absolutely Terrifying

You're cruising the skies in a helicopter, when tragedy strikes. The chopper goes down and everyone dies. Literally, everyone. Except you. You awake in a new world. A world filled with the undead... and they're everywhere. There's nothing to do but run. For your life.

That's essentially the tone set for Into the Dead, a new first-person endless runner that just hit the Play Store. The game is quite popular on the iOS side of things, and for good reason – it looks amazing.

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