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Anker's upgraded Zolo Liberty Bluetooth earbuds with 100+ hours of playtime drop to an all-time low of $45

Anker and its audio-focused sub-brands, Soundcore and Zolo, are well-known at this point for their affordable, yet reliable accessories. Zolo's Liberty truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds are certainly no exception and are deserving of similar praise on their own. Right now, you can grab the upgraded version of the Zolo Liberty earbuds with over 100 hours of playback time for only $45 — the lowest price we've seen yet on the updated model.

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The Zolo Liberty true wireless earbuds are only $30 ($50 off) with coupon at Amazon (Update: Dead)

The New Year is coming in fast, and along with it will be resolutions to get fit for the next decade. Whether you already lead an active lifestyle or you're just embarking on your exercise journey, having a bit of your favorite music on tap can motivate you to reach your goals. Right now, these Zolo Liberty true wireless earbuds are only $29.99 ($50 off) at Amazon when you apply the on-screen coupon.

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Anker quietly upgrades the $99 Zolo Liberty true wireless earbuds to last 100 hours with their charging case

Anker's naming strategy is a little confusing. One day the company was using "Soundcore" for its audio products, the next it introduced the "Zolo" sub-brand for its Liberty and Liberty+ true wireless earbuds, and finally it seemingly went back to Soundcore for the Liberty Air. But there's now a new Zolo branded product, which is an upgraded version of the original Liberty, still costing $99, but with one massive improvement: an 8-hour battery life on a single charge, and a bonkers 100-hour battery life with the charging case.

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Anker Zolo Liberty Air true wireless earbuds are $64 ($16 off) on Amazon with coupon

In the last couple of years, we've seen some real strides toward the truly wireless earbud dream — one that I do not share, but I digress. Doubtless, Apple kicked off the fervor with the Airpods, but that hasn't stopped some other legitimately good options from popping up. We've looked at few here at AP, but this one is still in testing. Anker's Zolo Liberty Air normally goes for $79.99, but with a coupon, you grab a pair for $63.99.

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Anker Zolo Liberty true wireless earbuds are $60 ($39 off), Liberty+ are $75 ($75 off) on Amazon

If you've looked into affordable true wireless earbuds, you've probably heard of the Zolo Liberty (and Liberty+). The buds are made by Anker, and provide competent performance for a relatively low price. Currently, those prices are even lower on Amazon, and you can snag a pair for as little as $59.99.

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[Deal Alert] Zolo Liberty+ true wireless earbuds are $100 ($50 off) on Amazon

Anker is known for having generally solid products at reasonable prices. It's no surprise, then, that its Zolo brand produced a very competent pair of fully wireless earbuds in the Liberty+. They're already a fine deal at their normal price of $150, and right now, you can snag a pair for just $99.99 on Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Get a Zolo Halo Alexa speaker for $29.99 ($30 off) with Amazon coupon code

Anker is well known for making quality, affordable accessories, and its subbrand Zolo is gaining a similar reputation for audio products. The Zolo Liberty+ true wireless earbuds are among the best in the category, and the company also makes Google Assistant-equipped smart speakers. It also makes the Zolo Halo speaker, which has Amazon's Alexa on board.

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[Deal Alert] True wireless earbuds: ZOLO Liberty for $79 ($20 off) and ZOLO Liberty+ $119 ($30 off) at Amazon w/ coupon

Anker only recently moved into the competitive Bluetooth headphone space. Last year the company created a very successful Kickstarter for its Liberty+ headphones, and now those of us unlucky enough to miss out on that early bird pricing can get in on the action, too. Both the Liberty+ and Liberty are now discounted on Amazon via coupon codes, for a mere $79 and $119, respectively.

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Anker's Bluetooth 5.0 Zolo Liberty+ earbuds will be available later this month for $149.99

With headphone jacks slowly starting to disappear from high-end smartphones, the market for Bluetooth headphones stands to become much busier in the coming months and years. Thankfully, Bluetooth 5.0 is finally here with more reliable connections capable of delivering consistent audio. One of the first products to ship with the new protocol – the very first total wireless earbud – is the Zolo Liberty+ from Anker, an upgrade to its Bluetooth 4.1 earbuds that went on sale towards the end of last year.

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Zolo Liberty+ by Anker blasts through its Kickstarter goal

The main reason headphone jacks remain a staple of most phones is because they work. There's no pairing and re-paring, or worrying about how much longer the batteries in your earbuds will last. Anker's new "apprentice brand," Zolo, is trying to make Bluetooth earbuds without any compromises. The Kickstarter for Zolo's Liberty+ earbuds was revealed yesterday, and it has already passed its funding goal ten times over.

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