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Zoho Cliq is the fun, easy, and feature-packed way for teams to chat and collaborate [Sponsored Post]


Teams have to communicate and for many situations, email isn't cutting it. Real time chat is how many of the most effective groups collaborate, but the right software can make a huge difference. This is where Zoho Cliq comes in with its user-friendly interface, laundry list of features, and numerous integrations.

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Zoho SalesIQ gives you analytics, real-time user tracking, and live chat all in one unified interface, including management from Android [Sponsored Post]

Turning visits to your company's website into conversions isn't easy, no matter how good of a match you are for your potential customers. You need to keep people engaged, anticipate their interests and questions, and give them what they need before they move on to the next option.

Zoho's SalesIQ is an easy to use, yet very full-featured service that brings analytics, real-time user tracking, and live chat into one coherent dashboard that integrates with numerous other services you may already be using. Even better, you can make use of these features from the SalesIQ Android app, too.

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Zoho's Notebook is a free note taking application aiming to replace Evernote

Zoho isn't shy about its new app's target. Right there, at the bottom of Notebook's official product page, is a clear message saying, "Looking for an alternative to Evernote?" There's even a whole page dedicated to comparing side-by-side shots of Notebook and Evernote and telling everyone that although Notebook doesn't have everything now, it's on the right track.

So what exactly does Notebook have? Notebooks, ha! Obvious joke aside, you can create text notes, images, audio notes, and checklists. Then change their main color, group them into notebooks with assigned cover images, reorder them, move them to another notebook, search them, and share them over email or SMS.

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Zoho Finally Takes On Google In The Mobile Space, Releases Docs and CRM To The Play Store

Despite what many people think, Google Docs is not the only online-based office suite. In fact, some may say that a few of the others - like Zoho Office, for example - are even more full-featured than GDocs.

If you've been thinking about leaving El Goog behind and jumping over to Zoho's house, but the lack of an Android app has been the deciding factor that kept you from making the leap, we have good news: ZOHO Docs is finally available on Android.

docs1 docs2 docs3

ZDocs looks strikingly like to GDocs, which should aid in making the transition into the new home for all of your on-the-go office needs a quick and easy one.

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Zoho Invoice Released For Android, Allows You To Make Money From Your Phone, Not Spend It

We're all used to using our phones to spend money. Whether you're buying the latest game, a cool app or an additional purchase within an app, smartphones cost us lots of money. It's pretty refreshing, then, to see Zoho: an application which helps you make money from your phone by invoicing clients on the move.

Zoho is a cloud based service which offers its users lots of tools such as business email, customer tracking, and document collaboration. If you use Zoho, you'll be glad to know that it has just made the jump over from the iPhone to Android. It's free to use if you're only invoicing 5 people or less every month, but let's be honest, if you're only invoicing 5 people or less every month then you need to stop worrying about Zoho and start worrying about making money from your business.

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Leaked Motorola Site Redesign Reveals XOOM 2, Two New Handsets, And... A Watch?

Apparently Motorola is in the middle of a site redesign. Exciting, right? Pff... no. But the contents that were discovered because of said site redesign... now that's pretty exciting. PocketNow has acquired some images of the new site that display some upcoming Moto devices, including the XOOM 2, a couple of new handsets, and, curiously enough, a watch.

slimline zaha

Let's start off with the new phones: the Slimline and the Zaha (shown above, respectively). First off, we have absolutely zero information on this pair, aside from the fact that they look super clean and thin. It's probably pretty likely that these are just codenames as well, so I wouldn't expect to walk in to your provider looking for them by these names in the foreseeable future.

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