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HTC Zoe 2.0 Lets You Create Videos On Your Phone Without Uploading First, Expands Length To 3 Minutes, And More

Zoes are little video highlights that are similar to GIFs but tend to be longer, so don't call them that. The functionality launched as an HTC exclusive back in the days of the original HTC One. Then things opened up to other devices as the manufacturer expanded Zoe into a social network of sorts. Along the way some things changed, like the ability to create Zoes locally.

Well, Zoe 2.0 is now available in the Play Store, and it lets you create things on your device rather than using the cloud again. But, and this is a pretty decent but, you can only create Zoes locally on HTC devices.

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HTC Brings Back Zoe Camera Mode On The One M8 And Butterfly 2


HTC Updates Zoe With Support For Android Lollipop, New Highlight Engine, And More

HTC Zoe is a social network of sorts built around video highlights. According to the latest update's changelog, the app now works on devices running the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, including the Nexus 6 and the Nexus 9. Here it is on my updated HTC One M7.

HTCZoe1 HTCZoe-2

That's not all this release has in store. The list of changes includes a new highlight engine that enables new themes, effects, and transitions. It also brings in support for higher-quality video, and you're able to download your own high-definition Zoes to your device.The discovery feed has apparently retrieved a tweak or two, but overall, the experience still looks largely the same.

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Now That Zoe 1.0 Has Gone Live In The Play Store, Look For HTC To Spread It To More Devices

During its Double Exposure event yesterday, HTC announced that it was bringing Zoe out of beta and expanding it to all Android devices running Android 4.3 or higher. It also intends to bring the service to the iPhone later this fall. The company clearly has large plans for something that began as a camera perk exclusively available on a small number of its devices. Zoe has become a social network, and HTC wants as many people to use it as possible.

Zoe began as the ability to take a series of photos in rapid succession and string them together into short videos that resembled animated GIFs.

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HTC Zoe App Expands To Non-HTC Devices So You Can Make And Share Pretty Videos [APK Download]

HTC has just updated the Zoe app in Google Play with support for a few non-HTC phones, but support will supposedly expand soon. The Zoe app isn't the same as HTC's Zoe camera feature in the HTC One, but it might still be interesting if you're down with making and sharing videos.

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