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Zens Liberty review: The coolest-looking wireless charger around doesn't come cheap

Wireless chargers come in several shapes and sizes over the years, from stands to pucks and even orbs, but the mechanics behind how they work can make them kind of a pain. Positioning needs to be just so, or the coil on your gadget won't line up with the coil in the charger, and nothing happens. Multi-coil chargers have been a thing for a while, but the new Zens Liberty steps things up drastically, with sixteen coils stacked and staggered across its face. You can pretty much just dump your phone wherever, and it'll charge. It even looks pretty dang snazzy if you opt for the glass-topped version, but you'll pay €199.99 (around $215 right now) for that privilege.

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This $140 wireless charging pad has 16 coils and can fast charge two phones at once

Wireless chargers use a big coil to create the field that actually charges your device, which is why placing your phone in just the right spot is usually necessary. Some chargers use multiple coils to increase the working area of the charger, but the new Zens Liberty sports a ridiculous 16-coil configuration that can charge up to two devices at once in any position, with up to 15W of output each. The company is even taking that level of overkill just a little bit further by offering a special edition model with a glass top so you can see all 16 coils.

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