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[Update: New images in blue] Nokia 7.2 and its 48MP camera surfaces ahead of HMD Global IFA event

Out of all the Android phones HMD Global has released under its Nokia brand license in the past few years, the Nokia 7.1 seems to have made the best impression in certain western markets like the United States. We're now coming close to a year since its announcement and there's a swell of excitement for an update. Fortunately, we do have some tacit confirmation that the Nokia 7.2 is a thing, thanks to optics supplier ZEISS.

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Nokia 7 unveiled with a Snapdragon 630, glass back, and 'bothie' camera mode

Yesterday in China, HMD Global announced the newest member of its range of Nokia branded Android smartphones. We've seen the wallet-friendly Nokia 3 and 5, the mid-range Nokia 6, and most recently came the flagship Nokia 8. While it might appear that HMD doesn't know how to count, the Nokia 7 announcement at least takes us one step closer to a full house. The Nokia 2 and 9 are on the way soon, too.

The Nokia 7 follows the same pleasing design language as its siblings, but where the Nokia 8 was encased in metal, this new phone goes for a mixture, with an aluminum frame and a vacuum molded back made from Corning Gorilla Glass which curves nicely around the back.

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Zeiss' VR One Connect bridges the gap between mobile and PC virtual reality

VR doesn't seem to be as exciting these days. Whether it's the limitations of mobile VR (like heat, video quality, and battery drain) or being tethered to your PC with the Rift or Vive, VR doesn't seem that appealing to many people — I, for one, am not one of those, but I digress. To combat some of the weaknesses of both platforms, Zeiss has come up with the VR One Connect, which bridges the gap between mobile and PC virtual reality... in theory.

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Nokia 8 is official with Snapdragon 835 and 4GB RAM, likely not coming to the US

So far, HMD Global has released three Nokia-branded Android phones - the Nokia 6, 5, and 3. But the most-expensive model, the Nokia 6, still had a mid-range Snapdragon 430 processor. With HMD/Nokia's clean Android ROM and competitive pricing, many hoped for a true flagship model to be released. Now the time has come, as HMD has taken the wraps off the Nokia 8.

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HMD Global partners with Zeiss to give Nokia phones better cameras

HMD Global, maker of the new Android-based Nokia phones, is trying its best to recreate the classic Nokia phone formula. The Nokia 6 is very durable (especially for a phone in its price range), much like some Nokia phones of old. Now, HMD is partnering with Zeiss to improve the cameras on future Nokia phones.

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