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Zagat app gets a complete UI overhaul in latest update

Google bought Zagat about seven years ago, but it let the company go earlier this year after basically ignoring it. Such sales often involve purchasers that only want a company's brand, but Zagat appears to be chugging along. There's even a newly refurbished Android app today.

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Google sells remains of Zagat brand to The Infatuation

It was reported earlier this year by Reuters that Google may have been looking to sell Zagat—the restaurant reviews guide/service it picked up for $151 million in 2011, if you're unfamiliar. Those unofficial plans appear to have panned out. The Infatuation, a new restaurant guides and reviews company, has just announced that it's acquiring the Zagat brand from Google. 

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[Update: Changelog Posted] Maps 9.6 Update Gives Users More Control Over Voice Output And Dresses Up Zagat Reviews [APK Download]

Update Wednesday has come and gone, but most of what we've seen can be described as bug fixes and relatively minor adjustments – not that we aren't happy with improvements of any kind. Google just set loose Maps 9.6, and like most of the other apps, the changes are mostly about fine-tuning. This version slightly improves the visibility of Zagat reviews and adds an option to determine if the voice should play over speakers or Bluetooth during turn-by-navigation.

What's New

Changelog Posted

It's a few days late, but Google just posted a changelog for the latest release of Maps.

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Zagat Gets Its First Update In A Year With Material Design, Filtering Options, And More

Google made some sweeping changes after it acquired restaurant review indexer Zagat, including limiting the cities in which it would work. The app itself was updated a few times, but it's been sitting neglected for a year until today. Zagat is going material in this update, but there are a few functionality tweaks too.

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[APK Teardown] Google Maps v9.2 Contains Elements For Crowdsourced Local Guides, Chromecasting, And Project Tango

Google Maps is one of those apps that will always have an enormous number of potential new features, so it's interesting to see the things Google is focusing on with each new release. We just saw an update to v9.2 with new navigation settings and auto-correct for searches, but there are plenty of other really interesting additions in the works. Let's take a look at some of the features we might have to look forward to. It's time for a teardown.


Disclaimer: Teardowns are, by their nature, speculative and based on incomplete evidence. It's possible that the guesses made here are totally and completely wrong.
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Google Updates Zagat With A New Tablet UI, More Locations, Street View Integration, And More

People didn't always hate Zagat, but Google's new vision for the iconic restaurant review guide has not been widely accepted. The service became free, but Google also revamped it and limited the number of cities it tracked. The new update makes some tweaks to the app and expands the supported cities, but it's probably not going to do much to improve the app's 2.4 star rating.

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Google Removes All But 9 Cities From Zagat, Hides Huge Content Cut And Re-Org Behind Pretty New App

Update: Zagat claims the number of cities available will be expanded to 50 over "the coming months," and that old restaurant reviews will be made available on the web page "soon." Woohoo, a whole 50, guys!

Ever have your parents pull the old 'bait and switch' on you when you were a kid? "Hey Jimmy, here's a brand-new bike. And by the way, your mom and I are getting divorced!" Well, Google pretty much just tried doing basically that to Zagat fans. You see, the Zagat app and website got a total overhaul today. They look pretty nice - everything's all card-y.

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Google Releases Dedicated Zagat App, Shows You Restaurants Near You In Beauty And Style

Sure, Google may have acquired Zagat and used the company's renowned ratings engine to start powering its data on everything from electronics stores to car washes. However, the review site got its start in restaurants way back in the day, and even after the purchase, continues to provide helpful information on every aspect of your food consumption outings. So, why not give the service its own app? Well, that's just what everyone's favorite search giant did!

zagat1  zagat2 zagat3


Zagat is predictably gorgeous. With Google Maps built in, it's convenient to find a restaurant near you, check its ratings, and even get photos of the place where available.

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[Update: Coin Use Discovered!] Mysterious New Files In The Google Maps 6.8 APK: History Timeline, Latitude G+ Integration, And More

So Google Maps hit version 6.8 yesterday, bringing with it the crazy Zagat/Google+ mashup that was detailed earlier. The "What's New" section in the Play Store lists "See reviews from experts and people you know," "Find just the right places with Zagat scores and summaries," "Get directions directly from map bubbles," but they left out the most interesting new change: "Unreleased feature assets buried in the APK."


For starters, we've got some brand new image files. Check these out:


So there's a bunch of fresh files, all called "timeline_something." The XML stretches "timeline_line_mid" vertically, so it clearly connects them.

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