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I did my entire job from the Galaxy Z Fold2 for a day

I really can't stress enough how game-changing folding phones are. I know they're frequently (and fairly) criticized for things like display durability and price, but once you actually use one and understand the experience, something just clicks — or, at least, it did for me. They're still not for everyone, but if you absolutely need to maintain productivity on the go, then the Z Fold2 will be as disruptive to your idea of work as the early Blackberry phones were. In fact, to prove a point, I was able to do my entire job here at Android Police from the phone for most of a whole day.

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Galaxy Z Fold2 review: Folding phones are ready — are you?

I started out as a folding phone critic. In fact, I bought the Z Flip we reviewed this spring with the full intention of pointing out how dumb the idea was, except I was dead wrong. I fell in love with my little flip phone, and the last week spent with the Galaxy Z Fold2 has further cemented my change of heart. Folding phones are undeniably the future, and for the right folks, the Z Fold2 is a must-buy game-changer — though probably not for you.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 hands-on: This is what $2,000 feels like

The Galaxy Z Fold2 is easily the most exciting Samsung smartphone of 2020, and maybe the most exciting smartphone of 2020 period. While I'm saving judgment for our final review of the Fold2 (coming soon), I do have some initial thoughts for folks considering a pre-order. And in short, I feel pretty positive about the phone so far.

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Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold2 packs a bigger 120Hz folding glass screen, Snapdragon 865+, and more

After endless leaks and the company's own teasing, Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold2 at its "Unpacked Part 2" event today. The successor to last year's Galaxy Fold packs plenty of improvements over the revamped and re-released original, including a more durable design, a folding glass and polymer display, a faster chipset, and bigger screens both inside and out. Those hoping to jump into foldables with this new generation will need to double-check their savings accounts, though, as the Z Fold2 comes in a wallet-destroying $1,999, with pre-orders opening tomorrow at 12:01 AM on September 2nd ahead of general availability on September 18th.

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Samsung accidentally leaks Galaxy Z Fold2 price on UK site days before official reveal

Samsung is all set to fully unveil its latest foldable phone at an Unpacked event on September 1, but there's seemingly very little about the device they'll be able to tell us that we don't already know. Images, videos, and specs have all leaked or been shared one way or another, but we now have potentially definitive information from a very reputable source. But we now have definitive confirmation of the price from Samsung itself, at least in the UK.

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Samsung shares new details on next Unpacked event, where the Fold2 takes the spotlight

As promised back at Samsung's August 5th Unpacked event, the company is gearing up for another event on September 1st. The sequentially titled "Unpacked Part 2," looks to be all about the company's next folding phone: The Z Fold2. Mark your calendars for 10AM ET (7AM PT).

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The Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is official: Reserve one now, more info and pre-orders on September 1st

Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is now official. Rocking a Z Flip-style redesigned hinge, big folding 7.6" display (augmented by a smaller 6.2" Cover Screen), the phone will come in two colors, potentially including some hinge color customization options, as well as a Thome Browne edition. Reservations for the folding phone/tablet are also now open on Samsung's site. More official details are coming September 1st, together with pre-orders. In the meantime, Max Weinbach has spilled the beans.

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