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YouTube for Android tests showing relevant web searches alongside video results

YouTube has been spotted showing results from Google Search together with videos in the YouTube Android app's search results. Though the test isn't mentioned in Google's current list of YouTube test features and experiments, these "Results from the web" have been spotted appearing in search results in the YouTube app, linking to results from Google Search.

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Upcoming Motorola One Fusion+ outed by YouTube Signature Device program

Motorola looks prepared to bring another mid-range phone to market next month. The company, though, probably didn't expect for YouTube to play spoiler for that launch.

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YouTube app gets bedtime reminders so you don't wake up slumped over your phone at 3 AM

We're all probably guilty of watching YouTube before bed, and it's harder to keep track of the time these days. To help make sure you're able to wake up in time for those at-home morning meetings, YouTube is rolling out new bedtime reminders to let you know when it's time to put the phone down, and the options are smart enough to do things like wait until you're done with your current video, too.

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Play Music's ridiculous device authorization limit is still an issue with YouTube Music

Do you remember how many smartphones you've owned? And do you remember the first phone you've ever used with a subscription service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, YouTube Premium, or Google Play Music? While the companies behind these services probably save that information to some server, Google is the only one among them that will rub that knowledge into your face. As long-time users probably know, Play Music comes with a hard 10-device limit that doesn't automatically kick off older devices, instead only allowing four manual deauthorizations every year. If you frequently switch devices (or merely factory reset them), you might have already ended up running into the limit at some point in the past, locking you out of the service you pay good money for.

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YouTube Premium comes with a free channel membership until May 31

Last year, YouTube launched channel memberships as a bid to woo creators away from other platform-building sites such as Patreon and drive more revenue. But memberships can't be worth anything if there aren't any members, so, the Google-owned video sharing site is now offering free membership to YouTube Premium subscribers in several countries.

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You can now exit fullscreen YouTube videos with a swipe down

The YouTube app’s player interface has started to look cluttered with tens of options and icons crammed onto a tiny mobile screen. Google has been trying to alleviate the situation a bit lately by adding a few neat gestures that cut down the number of taps required. Joining this list is a relatively new gesture that lets you exit fullscreen videos with a single swipe.

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YouTube TV will get 14 new ViacomCBS channels, including Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and MTV

According to a press release issued earlier today, ViacomCBS will be bringing more of its channel lineup to Google's YouTube TV, with fourteen new channels coming. The new multi-year distribution agreement includes BET, Comedy Central, and Nickelodeon.

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YouTube’s recent free Nest Mini offer was sent out erroneously

Google generously handed out Home and Nest Minis to its YouTube Premium subscribers through the last quarter of 2019. The campaign spread outside the US and was well received all over, because who doesn’t like free stuff? YouTube recently started showing a similar promo to some of its paid users, only this time, the redemption process led to a dead end.

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Google now directs users searching for musical artists to check them out on YouTube Music


Watch live TV on all of your devices with YouTube TV, Sling TV, and more

Let's face it: The coronavirus quarantine would be that much more unbearable without smartphones, Wi-Fi, and streaming services to keep us entertained. If you've only been binging movies and Tiger King on Netflix, though, you're completely missing out on another source of content. Here's how you can access live TV on your existing family of devices, including Android phones, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

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