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How to queue up videos to watch on YouTube (web-only)

YouTube is one of the few video services and apps that didn't offer a playback queue until recently. The feature first showed up in testing in August then rolled out to everyone in November, but so far, it's remained limited to the web and may not be very easy to spot. In this tutorial we'll look at how YouTube's new queue system works and discuss some of its advantages and limitations.

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YouTube TV guide now shows 7 days of upcoming programs instead of a few hours

Today, YouTube TV announced the addition of a new feature to the service's Live Guide, the cord-cutting app's list of upcoming programming, which will now allow users to browse content seven days in advance of airing. Interested users can try out the revamped programming guide now by visiting the desktop version of YouTube TV's site.

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YouTube tests 'featured in this video' section on Android

Over the last few years, the YouTube creator community has grown closer together and collaborations have become a regular occurrence. To make it easier for you to find out which YouTubers participate in a video, Google is A/B testing a new 'featured in this video' section on Android. In it, you'll find an overview of partaking creators complete with links to their channels and the option to subscribe.

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YouTube's experimental Explore tab begins testing on Android (Update: Still testing, new look)

Back in July, YouTube began testing a new Explore tab on the home page of its iOS app. Not many people saw it — only about one percent of users on that platform. Apparently feedback has been positive, though, because YouTube has announced that the test is now expanding to more platforms, including Android.

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YouTube TV adds PBS, PBS Kids, and OWN to channel lineup

Back in July, YouTube TV announced that PBS and PBS Kids would be coming to the streaming platform sometime "later this year." It would appear that the wait is over as PBS, PBS Kids, and the previously unannounced OWN have begun rolling out to the service today. More than 100 local PBS affiliates are now available on YouTube TV, with more on the way in 2020.

Some may argue that YouTube TV's network additions and the subsequent price increases have made the service less of a value than it had been. Hopefully, subscribers upset with some of those changes will be pleased to see three networks added to the platform with no further price hikes.

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YouTube improves the mini player and simplifies playlist sharing on desktop

Last month, Google added video queuing to the YouTube desktop website, which should have rolled out to most people by now. Since the feature relies on the mini player first and foremost, the company has decided to enhance that miniature video preview with proper playback controls and a maximization shortcut. Google has also improved playlist management so you can share playlists more easily and sort your own by date or most popular.

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YouTube updates its harassment policy with stricter guidelines, harsher punishments

Like most platforms serving community-generated content, YouTube regularly reviews the effectiveness of its content policies, issuing updates and guideline changes as it feels they're needed. As part of its latest self-examination, potentially stemming from actions earlier this year, the company has decided to update its harassment policies with two substantial changes regarding threatening content and personal attacks, with harsher punishments for YouTube Partners that repeatedly skirt the edges of the rules.

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YouTube Music finally gets gapless playback through server-side rollout (Update: Wider availability)

If you regularly use YouTube Music to experience songs, either through just the audio or with the accompanying music video, you might have lamented on its inability to properly playback songs with seamless transitions. That sucks if you're trying to sink into a full, continuous LP like Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon." But some users are now reporting that the app is starting to do so in what appears to be a server-side feature rollout.

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Nokia’s new 55-inch 4K Android TV costs $590, but you can’t get it in the US

In partnership with the Finnish brand Nokia, India’s Walmart-owned online retailer Flipkart today announced a 4K TV running Android TV 9 Pie out of the box. The Nokia-branded TV will join the ongoing smart TV boom in the country to compete with the likes of OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Vu in the budget category. The 55-inch Android TV supports Google Assistant along with a few local and global streaming services.

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YouTube is putting massive autoplaying ads on its TV apps (Update: Here to stay)

Do you like seeing massive ads that take up half of your TV screen? No? Too bad, because you'll soon be forced to watch the company's signature Masthead ads on your television's YouTube app. This is bound to be a huge moneymaker for our pals at Google.

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