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YouTube is testing a more prominent upload button on Android

YouTube has always been a little late to the design game at Google, but that doesn't mean the team isn't constantly testing little changes here and there. Apparently, the current design and location for the upload button is confusing to a large amount of mobile content creators, and so the company is testing a new design that places the upload functionality in the center of the bottom navigation bar.

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YouTube is doing away with community-driven captions and translations

It's easy to forget YouTube's early days, before the professional productions and multi-million dollar brands, but things used to be very different. There weren't any high tech algorithms or automated features. Google hadn't yet implemented the impressive speech recognition algorithms that now power many of its products, which meant you also wouldn't have captions or translations unless the video creator added them manually. However, YouTube introduced a Community Contributions system to allow viewers to do some of this work for the creators. After many years of diminishing usage and a rising tide of complaints about abuse and spam, YouTube has decided to shut off Community Contributions.

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Alphabet Q2 revenues flat year-over-year as its businesses heal from coronavirus nadir

The financial casualties of coronavirus pandemic have been revealed across the companies of Alphabet as the group recorded a 30% tumble in net income in the second quarter compare with the same period the previous year. Still, with as many diverse holdings as it has, things aren't as bad for Google's parent company as they seem — at least for the time being.

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YouTube Kids will release over 100 movies to keep your little ones entertained for free

The pandemic has forced many of us to stay at home, and in a lot of cases, this also meant working from our abodes. This has been a particularly tough situation for parents, who need to look after their kids while on lockdown. YouTube wants to offer a solution to make things easier for families by adding more than a hundred movies to its Kids collection.

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YouTube Music comes to Android TV in the least elegant way possible

Google is slowly but surely getting ready to shut down Play Music and transition everyone to its new streaming service, YouTube Music (YTM). The switch has been fraught with missteps and obstacles, but things are gradually improving and there's no stopping that train now that it's at full speed. One of many reasons to hold back has been the lack of Android TV support for YTM, but a solution is available now. It's just nearly useless.

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YouTube trialing channel memberships that last 3 and 6 months


YouTube is bringing back HD playback in India, but there is a catch

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed how we all do business, take classes, and meet our family members. Many of our streaming apps have had to lower the video quality to spare some bandwidth for the more important stuff. Following Netflix’s lead, YouTube also began capping the video resolution to standard definition on mobile phones. What was supposed to be a temporary restriction for Indian users has now been in place for three months, affecting hundreds of millions, and there's no sign that Google will ease it anytime soon.

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YouTube Studio app picks up dark theme only two years after YouTube added it

YouTube introduced dark mode for its Android app back all the way back in the summer of 2018. The YouTube Studio app, which provides tools for channel management, was left behind. While YouTube Studio added SmartReplies last month, the app remained starkly white — until now.

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YouTube Music now features playlists hand-crafted by artists

While YouTube Music is still missing a few features from Play Music, Google is already working on making the service more capable than its predecessor (or more similar to Spotify, depending on your perspective). The company has added artist playlists to the platform, allowing you to listen to the music your favorite bands listen to — if they proactively add playlists to their profiles, that is.

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