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YouTube adapts its website to large touchscreens like iPads and Chromebooks

If you have an Android tablet or an iPad, you've likely installed the native YouTube app on them to enjoy your videos. But for those of you who haven't, and for anyone who's browsing YouTube on a touch-enabled Chromebook or PC, you'll be glad to know the website is now better suited for touch interaction.

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How to queue up videos to watch on YouTube (web-only)

YouTube is one of the few video services and apps that didn't offer a playback queue until recently. The feature first showed up in testing in August then rolled out to everyone in November, but so far, it's remained limited to the web and may not be very easy to spot. In this tutorial we'll look at how YouTube's new queue system works and discuss some of its advantages and limitations.

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YouTube improves the mini player and simplifies playlist sharing on desktop

Last month, Google added video queuing to the YouTube desktop website, which should have rolled out to most people by now. Since the feature relies on the mini player first and foremost, the company has decided to enhance that miniature video preview with proper playback controls and a maximization shortcut. Google has also improved playlist management so you can share playlists more easily and sort your own by date or most popular.

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YouTube starts showing community posts on the web home page

YouTube's community features began showing up around a couple of years ago but it took a year for the feature to reach more channels and start popping up in users' home feeds on mobile. However, on the web, these posts were not as easily accessible: you had to go to each channel's page to see if it had any community updates. That won't be the case for long though, as posts are starting to show up on the home page for a few users.

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YouTube on the web tests a 'Scroll for details' option in fullscreen

YouTube has been testing different ways to help you keep watching videos on the web, while simultaneously letting you browse for more content or see details and comments. Just yesterday, the new Miniplayer PIP view was made official after months of tests, but there was also another miniplayer bar that would collapse the video at the top of the screen and let you scroll down to comments. Now, we're seeing yet another tests that's a little reminiscent of that, but it only affects the fullscreen view.

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[Update: Official] YouTube picture-in-picture Miniplayer now being tested on the web

For a while now the YouTube app on both Android and iOS has allowed users to minimize a playing video into a floating window, letting them browse other content without interrupting playback. A similar floating mode is apparently being tested on the web now.

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YouTube Sharing and Messaging is going live for users on the web

YouTube's built-in Sharing and Messaging system has had a long history: after being privately tested for a many months, it went live in Canada then became official for everyone in August of 2017, and finally was bundled with notifications in the new Activity tab. However, through it all, it has remained a mobile-only feature, available to Android and iOS users. If you were on your desktop, you couldn't share a video with your YouTube contacts easily, see what they sent you, or reply to their messages. That's finally ending now.

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YouTube Is Testing A New Material UI On The Web

Google apparently has a Material Design UI overhaul in the works for YouTube and it looks pretty good. While it has not yet been pushed to the masses, it is apparently being tested on a small group of users while the developers look for bugs and Google braces for any negative feedback (people hate change, remember). Here's a look at the goods and a way to enable the new UI for yourself.

First, let's look at the homepage. Here's the current version:

2016-04-30_13-32-32 copy

And the new:

2016-04-30_13-29-15 copy

Not exactly a radical difference, but you do see the modern search bar that should be familiar from Google's Android apps and several web services as well.

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