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[Update: Official] YouTube picture-in-picture Miniplayer now being tested on the web

For a while now the YouTube app on both Android and iOS has allowed users to minimize a playing video into a floating window, letting them browse other content without interrupting playback. A similar floating mode is apparently being tested on the web now.

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YouTube Is Testing A New Material UI On The Web

Google apparently has a Material Design UI overhaul in the works for YouTube and it looks pretty good. While it has not yet been pushed to the masses, it is apparently being tested on a small group of users while the developers look for bugs and Google braces for any negative feedback (people hate change, remember). Here's a look at the goods and a way to enable the new UI for yourself.

First, let's look at the homepage. Here's the current version:

2016-04-30_13-32-32 copy

And the new:

2016-04-30_13-29-15 copy

Not exactly a radical difference, but you do see the modern search bar that should be familiar from Google's Android apps and several web services as well.

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