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YouTube is testing a more prominent upload button on Android

YouTube has always been a little late to the design game at Google, but that doesn't mean the team isn't constantly testing little changes here and there. Apparently, the current design and location for the upload button is confusing to a large amount of mobile content creators, and so the company is testing a new design that places the upload functionality in the center of the bottom navigation bar.

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New YouTube UI with navigation bar on bottom rolling out server-side on Android

YouTube's Android app seems to be getting yet another design revamp, this time in the form of a navigation change. This news comes just a few weeks after it was reported that the YouTube app is getting a new UI for comments and video descriptions (which many people, including myself, still don't have).

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YouTube 6.0 Lets Users Post to The Chat Area On Live Streaming Videos

It looks like the latest release of the YouTube app for Android has at least one more trick up its sleeve that escaped our notice in the APK Teardown. Reader Dan saw that when he opened up a live streaming video in the Android app, there was a new "Live Chat" option at the bottom. Tap the up arrow or slide the bar to the top of the window, and you can read the live chat going on in the YouTube channel. You can even participate, if you feel so inclined.

Screenshot_2014-12-14-03-58-11 Screenshot_2014-12-14-03-58-19

Live chats on YouTube live streaming videos are nothing new, but they were previously reserved for the desktop browser version of the site.

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YouTube Rolls Out Paid Channels, Details New Plans For Content Creators To Generate Revenue

It should come as no surprise that after attracting millions of content creators and billions of viewers, Google is developing new ways of monetizing YouTube. Starting today, the company is introducing a pilot program for a select group of partners. These contributors are offering paid channels with subscription fees starting at 99 cents per month. Each channel comes with a 14-day free trial, and some include discounted yearly rates, which is very similar to how Google offers magazines in the Play Store.

YouTube1 YouTube2 YouTube3

Sesame Street is one of the partners included in the pilot program and will offer full episodes through their paid channel.

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YouTube App Update v4.3.9 Brings Notification Bar TV Controls, G+ Profile Integration, And Fullscreen Button Fix

The app frontend for everyone's favorite video streaming service just got itself a nice little update to v4.3.9, which brings a couple of new features. Namely, when you send a video to your paired TV, the app will allow you to control the playback with a nice little entry into the notification bar. So you can watch YouTube on your TV while doing other things on your phone – like checking Google+, for example.


Speaking of, this update also brings G+ profile integration, so everything should be pretty seamless between the two services. Past that, it bundles a fix for the "fullscreen button bug," which I have personally never experienced.

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