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New button layout in Android's YouTube player UI is fomenting finger frustrations

A few small tweaks to the YouTube player UI for Android have caused a few issues of late - digital issues. And by digital, I mean digits, as in fingers. In summary: it's hard to touch stuff right.

You see, the YouTube app for Android has been experimenting with this new player UI for some time now, but as it rolls out to more and more users, some issues are cropping up. Specifically? Well, for one, the progress bar is now a little too responsive given the placement of the "full-screen" button in the portrait UI. The newer YouTube UI places the "full-screen" button directly above the progress bar for the video, whereas previously this button sat to the right of the bar, as below.

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YouTube Is Testing A New Material UI On The Web

Google apparently has a Material Design UI overhaul in the works for YouTube and it looks pretty good. While it has not yet been pushed to the masses, it is apparently being tested on a small group of users while the developers look for bugs and Google braces for any negative feedback (people hate change, remember). Here's a look at the goods and a way to enable the new UI for yourself.

First, let's look at the homepage. Here's the current version:

2016-04-30_13-32-32 copy

And the new:

2016-04-30_13-29-15 copy

Not exactly a radical difference, but you do see the modern search bar that should be familiar from Google's Android apps and several web services as well.

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