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YouTube TV playback controls arrive on the Google Home

There are just a handful of video services that support voice controls on the Google Home, like Netflix and Google Photos. This allows you to start playback of content on a Chromecast, Android TV, or other Cast-enabled device using Google Assistant voice commands. I'm still waiting for Hulu to add support, but in the meantime, you can now use it with YouTube TV.

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[Update: Officially announced on Twitter last week] The Play Store is allowing YouTube TV to be installed on some tablets, but it doesn't work on all of them

The YouTube TV app listing has been updated to be compatible with Android tablets. However, YMMV when it comes to specific devices. It isn't currently working for all of them, though you can still sideload the app, as before. The listing on Google play was compatible with a Nexus 7 in our testing, but support for the Pixel C, as well as many other devices, is not present.

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YouTube TV expands to 8 new markets including Austin, Portland, and Sacramento

Google's YouTube TV streaming service has been rolling out slowly (very slowly) since earlier this year. After debuting in a handful of markets in late spring, it has rolled out to a dozen or so more cities every month or two. Today, Google has announced another raft of eight YouTube TV markets.

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YouTube TV launches in 13 new markets, including San Diego and Indianapolis [Update]

There's some good news if you've been trying to drop cable and stream all your content directly from the internet: YouTube TV is now expanding its availability to 12 more cities in the United States, and it might just have come to the one where you live. This isn't exactly unexpected — after all, we've known that 17 more regions would be popping up "in the coming weeks," and here they are. The list of new markets includes:

  1. Cleveland
  2. Denver
  3. Greensboro
  4. Harrisburg
  5. Hartford
  6. Indianapolis
  7. Kansas City
  8. Milwaukee
  9. Oklahoma City
  10. Salt Lake City
  11. San Diego
  12. St Louis

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[Update: 17 more on the way] YouTube TV expands its coverage to 14 new markets

YouTube TV continues to grow. Ever since it was announced, the live television service has expanded further across the U.S. Today, 14 new markets (which altogether cover a ton of people) will have a chance to hop on board the steadily increasing expansion, according to Google's support page.

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[Update: It's now live in all 10 locations] YouTube TV will be expanding to 10 more markets soon

When YouTube TV was announced a few months ago, it was off to a slow start and limited to a few markets. Our very own Ryan had to do some tomfoolery to get it to work in his hometown so he could write up his thoughts. In the beginning, this initiative was available only to customers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco Bay Area. But as part of a slew of new announcements, YouTube has stated that the live TV service is expanding to ten more markets.

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YouTube TV adds AMC, BBC America, and five other channels to the base $35/month subscription

After months and months of rumors and speculation, YouTube finally unveiled its live TV service back in February. For $35/month, you had 44 channels (plus Fox Soccer Plus and Showtime as extra packages) with support for six user accounts and DVR storage for up to a year.

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YouTube TV hands-on: Google's off to a good start

The expansion of services like Netflix and Hulu has led to fewer people subscribing to traditional cable. Still, there are some things you can't get with those streaming services, most notably live TV feeds. That's what Google aims to offer with YouTube TV. Google announced the service a few months ago, and it went live in a handful of cities yesterday. I haven't had a cable subscription in years, so I was anxious to try it out. YouTube TV seems like an excellent start, but there are definitely some pain points.

The Basics

YouTube TV is currently only available in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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YouTube TV service goes live, but only in five markets to start [APK Download]

Google announced YouTube TV just a few weeks ago, and now it's available... sort of. Those of you in one of the select launch markets can sign up for YouTube TV right now. The first round of YouTube TV cities includes Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Everyone else can only look on in envy.

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