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YouTube TV giving customers a week of free service due to recent outage


YouTube TV rolling out full DVR control on more channels

Google's YouTube TV offers a reasonably good value for streaming live TV. It has all your local stations, a fair number of cable networks, and several sports broadcasters. However, the unlimited cloud DVR has been artificially limited on many channels. Rather than the recorded version, some channels force you to watch VOD versions with ads. Today, YouTube TV will start opening up DVR options for more networks.

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NBA League Pass now available through YouTube TV for $40 per month

The new NBA regular season gets going on October 16th, so it's a good time for ball fans to work out how they'll watch the action. Cable subscribers will already have options, but for everyone else, there are also online-only alternatives. The NBA offers its League Pass through various platforms and apps, and it's now available through YouTube TV.

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The YouTube TV web app now has a dark mode

At long last, the mobile YouTube apps added a dark mode back in July. The YouTube TV mobile app is still as bright as ever, but if you use the web app version at all, you're in luck. Late last month, a YouTube TV support article was updated that points out the new dark mode feature.

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YouTube TV memberships can now be paused

Pausing memberships isn't something that many subscription services offer, but YouTube TV is now joining that limited club. In the (probably pretty rare) instance that you'd like to pause your YouTube TV subscription, but not completely cancel it, that's now an option according to YouTube TV's support documents.

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YouTube TV adds its 100th service location with Kingsport-Johnson City-Bristol, Tennessee

YouTube TV started with only a few supported markets, but it's expanded rapidly. The latest service area is Kingsport-Johnson City-Bristol, Tennessee. With today's addition, Google's live TV service now has 100 service areas.

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Google app v8.14 beta reveals upcoming Pixel Stand smart dock, in-car enhancements with Herbie, and more [APK Teardown]

A new version of the Google app made a late-night appearance on the beta channel. As is common, there aren't many new things to see after installing it, but there are plenty of topics to discuss from doing a teardown. The latest additions include text revealing an upcoming Pixel Stand charging dock, settings for a YouTube TV content filtering option, and what looks like enhanced voice-controlled features for use in the car based on work Google has done with Assistant-enabled headphones.

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'Skinny bundle' streaming services like YouTube TV are struggling to turn profits

Internet-based cable alternatives like Sling and YouTube TV are having a hard time figuring out how to make the model profitable, according to a report from The Information. Sources say YouTube TV is paying networks a total of about $49 per month for each subscriber to its basic package — which the company charges $40 a month for.

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YouTube TV offering a week of free service to make up for World Cup outage

You don't mess with soccer hooligans, so YouTube TV is looking to make it right after an outage during the World Cup earlier this week. Many of those affected by the outage say they've received emails from YouTube that promise a week of free service as compensation. That's not bad for a rather brief interruption.

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