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How to queue up videos to watch on YouTube (web-only)

YouTube is one of the few video services and apps that didn't offer a playback queue until recently. The feature first showed up in testing in August then rolled out to everyone in November, but so far, it's remained limited to the web and may not be very easy to spot. In this tutorial we'll look at how YouTube's new queue system works and discuss some of its advantages and limitations.

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YouTube brings video queue, recommendation editing to desktop

YouTube has been testing a bunch of new features for its desktop client in recent months. It now feels confident enough to debut two of them to the public: viewers can now assemble a queue of videos and will be able to manually tailor their channel recommendations.

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YouTube is testing video queues, but only on the web

For any video app or service, a queue is an essential feature. The laws of the world don't apply to YouTube though, and the online streaming giant has thrived without a proper queue for years. Users got algorithm-approved videos to play next and that was it. But YouTube seems to now be aware, all of a sudden, that it should add the feature and so it's working on it. It's in temporary testing on the web and anyone can give it a try.

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A New Chromecast Queue Design In YouTube For Android Is Rolling Out

There are no stats to back this up, but I'm pretty sure YouTube is one of the most popular apps for use with the Chromecast. To that end, the Chromecast video queue in the YouTube app has been substantially redesigned, using a bar that is drawn up from the bottom with a full queue.

Screenshot_20160423-200535 Screenshot_20160516-174159

Left: previous 'minimized' design. Right: new 'minimized' design.

Before, the Chromecast queue was only accessible from the inset video that is dragged up from the right hand side of the screen. With this redesign, the inset video disappears entirely and is replaced by a bar that fills the bottom of the screen, much like the now playing bar in Google Play Music.

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