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Weekend poll: Do you subscribe to YouTube Premium?

Almost everyone watches YouTube — if not regularly, at least occasionally. The service is a functional monopoly when it comes to online video. It's also ad-supported, and while those advertisements aren't anywhere near as annoying or ridiculous as contemporary television, they are a noticeable part of using YouTube. With benefits like offline use, background playback, YouTube Music, and no advertisements, I'm curious how many of our readers have elected to pay for YouTube Premium.

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YouTube Premium and Music Premium launch in Brazil

YouTube Premium and Music Premium are continuing their slow global expansion — though to be honest, they seem to be doing it at a rate faster than Google Play Music ever did. The latest addition is one of the world's largest countries in both surface and population, Brazil.

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YouTube Premium and Music Premium are now available in The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and Luxembourg

If there's any constant in the Android Police tips inbox I can rely on, it's that our Dutch readers are the most enthusiastic of the bunch. Any new feature launches in the country and we're bound to get inundated with emails, but this time, it's not just The Netherlands that should be happy, three other countries in Europe are getting YouTube Premium as well.

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Google is offering 3 free months of YouTube Premium if you own a Lenovo Smart Display (US only)

The Lenovo Smart Display is officially on sale, and Google is offering a perk for anyone who purchases either the 8" or 10" model of the Assistant with a screen: a free three-month trial of YouTube Premium (formerly Red). However, as is normally the case with these things, there's fine print to mind. And it's worth noting that this deal isn't anything that we haven't seen before.

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YouTube Premium and Music launch today in 17 countries, including Canada and 11 European countries

Following their announcements in May, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music (and YouTube Music Premium) are going live today. YouTube Red and YouTube Music were previously only available in the US, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea, but it's spreading to Canada and 11 European countries today as well. It's a big day for YouTube.

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YouTube Music's web player is going live for more people

The new YouTube clusterfuck was announced about three weeks ago, but not many changes have occurred yet. The YouTube Music app has been updated, but YouTube Red branding still hasn't been switched to YouTube Premium, and the YouTube Music web player still showed "coming soon" for almost everyone. It looks like some of that may be about to change, though.

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Updated YouTube Music now rolling out, will eventually have more Play Music features

Seemingly out of nowhere, Google unveiled major changes to its YouTube products last week. YouTube Red is being rebranded to 'YouTube Premium,' with a minor price hike ($11.99/month) and promised expanded availability. YouTube Music is turning into a Spotify competitor, complete with an optional $9.99/month ad-free subscription (included in YouTube Premium).

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YouTube Red is now YouTube Premium, YouTube Music will become Spotify competitor

Google's current services for music and video overlap a bit... to say the least. There's YouTube Red, which gives you ad-free videos and some bonus features. Then you have YouTube Music, which is more oriented towards music videos, and requires a YouTube Red subscription. Google Play Music is purely music-based, and functions as both a streaming service (like Spotify) and a storage location for your vast collection of MP3s.

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YouTube v13.16 may be preparing “Red” rebrand to “Premium” and urging binge watchers to take a break [APK Teardown]

YouTube may officially hold the crown for different service names, as long as you count the ones that appeared and never seem to launch. When the YouTube Red name first turned up, everybody was rightfully skeptical, but it turned out to be the ultimate replacement for the "Music Key" subscription. In just the last few months, we've seen the names PlusPremiere, and Remix pop up, but none have yet to evolve into a final name. Yet another name from the thesaurus is joining the list, but this time, it's probably serious. Say hello to YouTube Premium.

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