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Redditor discovers insanely simple URL trick to remove ads from any YouTube video

YouTube is one of the most popular destinations on the web, and like so many sites out there, funds itself by displaying ads to viewers. While you could easily banish them by paying for YouTube Premium (or going all rogue with an ad-blocker), no workaround is quite as weirdly simple as this method discovered by — who else but a Redditor.

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YouTube Music and Premium expand to 14 new markets, now available in 95

Google has been continuously expanding the number of countries and territories where Premium subscriptions for YouTube and YouTube Music are offered. After adding more markets to the list back in March, the services are now available in 14 new locations.

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Switching from Spotify to YouTube Music: Everything you need to know

I've been a loyal Spotify user since what feels like the year the service launched, and a premium subscriber since 2014. Spotify premium has tons of great extra features, and I absolutely think it's worth the money if you're considering a paid music streaming subscription. But as I've been spending a lot more time at home of late, I've started watching a lot more YouTube, and the various pre-roll and mid-roll ads were starting to grate on me. Of course, you can remove those ads—by signing up for YouTube Premium. But that would also give me access to YouTube Music, meaning I'd technically be paying for two music services.

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Google offering free Nest Mini to YouTube Premium subscribers

A few weeks ago, Google sent out offers for a free Nest Mini to YouTube Premium subscribers, but people looking to redeem the voucher quickly noticed that it wasn't valid. Google backtracked, saying that the promo was a mistake on their end. But it looks like someone at the company simply turned on the UI for the present too early — YouTube and Google Play Music subscribers are now receiving an actually working offer to get a free Nest Mini on the Google Store.

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Play Music's ridiculous device authorization limit is still an issue with YouTube Music

Do you remember how many smartphones you've owned? And do you remember the first phone you've ever used with a subscription service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, YouTube Premium, or Google Play Music? While the companies behind these services probably save that information to some server, Google is the only one among them that will rub that knowledge into your face. As long-time users probably know, Play Music comes with a hard 10-device limit that doesn't automatically kick off older devices, instead only allowing four manual deauthorizations every year. If you frequently switch devices (or merely factory reset them), you might have already ended up running into the limit at some point in the past, locking you out of the service you pay good money for.

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YouTube’s recent free Nest Mini offer was sent out erroneously

Google generously handed out Home and Nest Minis to its YouTube Premium subscribers through the last quarter of 2019. The campaign spread outside the US and was well received all over, because who doesn’t like free stuff? YouTube recently started showing a similar promo to some of its paid users, only this time, the redemption process led to a dead end.

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T-Mobile offering two free months of YouTube Premium

We're all looking for ways to pass the time as we stay inside during the COVID-19 pandemic. How about some YouTube? T-Mobile's latest "T-Mobile Tuesday" includes a solid discount on YouTube Premium. That discount is 100%. See? Solid. It's only for two months, but that could still mean plenty of ads you won't have to watch.

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YouTube Premium and Music now available in Nigeria, Turks and Caicos Islands, Venezuela


YouTube Premium and Music share 20 million subscribers, YouTube TV has over 2 million

People are spending more time on YouTube and that means ad buyers are spending more cash to reach them. It also just so happens that a growing number of viewers are paying to avoid those commercials and even to watch non-YouTube programming. That's the picture parent company Alphabet is painting with its fourth-quarter earnings report.

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YouTube Premium and Music introduce prepaid plans in India

YouTube launched YouTube Premium and YouTube Music in India last March, and while at the time users could only subscribe to a monthly plan, Google today announced that customers in India can prepay for the services one or three months at a time, with no subscription required.

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