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YouTube v14.06 prepares to raise the limit for offline video quality, and more [APK Teardown]

If you're just about to leave the comfort of Wi-Fi to risk expensive data fees and dead zones — or, you know, get on a plane for 2 hours — you might plan ahead and download some YouTube videos to kill some time. If you're like most people, you still want to see the highest possible quality, so you might have been disappointed that YouTube caps offline downloads at a measly 720p. That may be changing as it looks like the cap will be rising to a cool 1080p in the future.

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[Update: Official] YouTube is testing video download recommendations in select markets

It's been five years since YouTube started rolling out offline video downloads. At the latest count, users in 154 of the world's 195 countries can download videos for offline playback; some countries require having a YouTube Premium subscription to do so, while others don't. Now the app looks to be pointing users towards videos they might want to make available for offline watching, as we see evidence of a new "recommended downloads" feature.

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YouTube Go is a data-friendly version of YouTube, rolling out gradually in India

The YouTube team has been making lots of efforts over the past couple of years to bring its service and millions of videos to more users worldwide. This involves those who have access to fast internet connections and plenty of data, but also those who have very little data bandwidth and are still limited to 2G or congested 3G. Video, by default, doesn't fit well with the latter, but through conscious efforts like YouTube Accelerator and YouTube Offline, it can reach more of those devices and people who would seemingly be off-limits.

YouTube Go seems to be the culmination of these efforts.

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