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YouTube Music shows latest library additions for some

YouTube Music is slated to replace Google Play Music later this year. There are still some discrepancies and missing features, and Google is hard at work bringing over as much functionality to its new music streaming service as it deems feasible and necessary. As such, YouTube Music now tests displaying albums and playlists that you've saved to your library in the Last Played overview.

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YouTube Music is getting four new personalized mix playlists

YouTube Music is due to become Google's only music service by the end of this year. In anticipation of taking the spotlight, the platform has been rapidly adding features and making tweaks lately, such as the ability to swipe between tracks and start playback directly from the album art. Last month, four new Mix playlists were spotted in the wild, and now it looks like those are becoming more widely available.

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YouTube Music gains the ability to start playback directly from album covers on the web

YouTube Music may not have had the most auspicious beginnings, but the service is quickly adding features ahead of Google Play Music's impending shutdown. Earlier this month the Explore tab started rolling out on the web, then the Android app gained a new 'Related' tab, and just last week it added the ability to swipe between songs. Now YouTube Music on the web is gaining a small speed improvement to album playback.

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How to transfer your uploaded songs on Google Play Music to YouTube Music

Google announced a migration tool for taking your library from Google Play Music library of uploaded songs and getting them onto its new YouTube Music service back in May. Now, it's rapidly becoming more widely available across the globe. It's not immediately intuitive what the tool will and won't preserve, though, and the benefits and drawbacks of taking your cloud music library over to Google's new music streaming platform. In this guide, we'll show you the ins and outs of the tool and everything you need to know about using it.

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YouTube Music now lets you swipe on album artwork to change songs

YouTube Music has picked up a familiar feature: the ability to swipe on album art in the Now Playing interface to change tracks. It's a surprising omission, and it hasn't rolled out to everyone yet, but customers coming from Google Play Music and other streaming services like Spotify will appreciate it.

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YouTube Music migration from Google Play Music is breaking the YouTube sidebar for some

Last month, Google began rolling out a transfer tool to help users migrate seamlessly from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. It's a one-click process that syncs your library, recommendations, playlists, likes and dislikes, and more. However, as is often the case with new tech like this, many users are experiencing a glitch, reporting that the migration of their data is causing their YouTube side panel to disappear on both desktop and mobile.

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YouTube Music rolls out 'Related' tab featuring similar songs and artists

YouTube Music already has a few Spotify-like dynamic "Mix" playlists, but more might be coming in the future. A new (but, sadly, non-functional) "Focus Mix" playlist has been spotted in the wild, plus a "related" tab loaded with similar artists and other music nestled inside the new pull-out section now-playing interface.

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YouTube Music working on Spotify-like 'collaborate' setting for playlists

A setting to allow playlists in YouTube Music to be collaborative works has been spotted in the wild by the folks at 9to5Google. The new setting doesn't actually work yet, and it isn't appearing at all for us, but the iconography, label, and other tweaks make it clear that the feature should offer Spotify-like collaboration for composing playlists.

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Google delays YouTube Music transfers due to 'high demand'

Google's long-awaited transfer tool for YouTube Music debuted a month ago, and surprise, it's getting swamped. Google now warns users that transfers are "delayed" because of high demand. Transfers are still happening, but they're going to be slow enough that Google felt the need to warn everyone.

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