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YouTube Kids is now available on LG, Samsung, and Sony smart TVs, coming soon for Android TV

YouTube Kids was originally released in 2015, as a portal for child-appropriate content on everyone's favorite video sharing site. However, there hasn't been a dedicated TV app for YouTube Kids, just iOS and Android apps. Today on the official company blog, YouTube announced a Kids app for various smart TVs - but Android TV is still strangely missing.

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YouTube Kids v2.14 prepares for a remote access app for parents and gaming-themed content [APK Teardown]

YouTube Kids has an update rolling out and parents are probably curious what this one holds. As it turns out, things look pretty much identical in the app, so there probably aren't any notable changes going live with this one. However, a teardown did turn up a couple of things parents might want to keep an eye out for in the future. There's a new app coming soon that will enable remote access to manage parental controls. Additionally, a new page may be coming for gaming-themed videos.

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YouTube Kids 1.95.2 allows parents to block channels or specific videos [APK Download]

Google's YouTube Kids application launched just under two years ago, as an attempt to make YouTube a bit more children-friendly. The app has been somewhat successful, with a few bumps along the way. Now Google is introducing a feature that frankly should have been there from day one - the ability to block channels and videos.

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YouTube Kids v1.91 shows plans to support Daydream VR and allow parents to block videos and channels [APK Teardown]

If you're taking care of a little one and updates to the YouTube Kids app are actually opportunities for excitement, you've probably been feeling a little let down by the last few version bumps. It's not that anybody really needs it to keep up with the likes of Google Maps or the core YouTube app, but a few big features are surely welcome. This version isn't actually packed with anything notably new for users today, but it brings promises of some things to come. A teardown shows that kids will be able to enjoy videos in VR and parents will be able to block videos and channels right from within the app.

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YouTube Kids finally works with Red subscriptions

YouTube has a lot of content, not all of which is acceptable for kids. Actually, a lot of it isn't acceptable for grown ups either, but that's beside the point. The YouTube Kids app was launched last year to aggregate kid-friendly videos, but it didn't support YouTube Red. Now, it does support YouTube Red, which we predicted in an APK Teardown earlier this year.

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[Update: 360-Degree Videos & Playback Resuming] YouTube Kids v1.50 Adds 'Pause History' And May Soon Offer Most Of The YouTube Red Subscription Features [APK Teardown + Download]

Version 1.50 of YouTube Kids started rolling out early Thursday morning. This update brings a really great new feature, and parents are going to love it. It's now possible to pause the watch history of YouTube Kids, and it doesn't affect the rest of your YouTube apps. A teardown also shows that parents will soon enjoy the benefits of YouTube Red, as well. As usual, if the update hasn't hit your account yet, jump to the bottom of the post to find a download link.

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YouTube Kids 1.40 Gets A New Winter Theme, Lets You Cater The Homescreen To Younger Or Older Kids, And More [APK Download]

Version 1.40 of YouTube Kids, Google's way of getting your children hooked on video clips from a young age, doesn't want any youngster missing out on what's going on outdoors. Encouraging them to look away from the screen would be too risky, so instead YouTube Kids now has a winter-themed homescreen. Look at the snow, and imagine the cold.

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YouTube Kids Expands To Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK

YouTube Kids launched in the US back in February with the aim of making it easier and safer for kids to watch videos on YouTube. So far, the app has been downloaded more than 10 million times across all platforms, and Malik Ducard, YouTube's Global Head of Family and Learning, says that families consider it to be "among the top kids apps available." Today, the team is expanding YouTube Kids into five new countries — Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom — and adding in lots of country-specific programming like Charli's Crafty Kitchen and Wild Kratts, too.

YouTube Kids boasts many elements parents will find very attractive, such as a playful, child-friendly design, voice search for kids who are still learning their ABCs, and plenty of family-focused content.

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YouTube Kids Gets Chromecast Support And Custom Passcodes To Block Kids That Know How To Read

YouTube Kids is like YouTube... but for kids. Okay, it's not the most difficult concept in the world. Neither is the urge to take a video streaming to your tablet and make it bigger. With the latest version of YouTube Kids, your little one now has that option. Chromecast support has arrived.

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YouTube And Halfbrick Studios Announce Fruit Ninja Animated Series

You know, it's not as if cartoons based on video games are new. Mario. Sonic. Mega Man. Excuuuse Me Princess Zelda. The thing is, I don't think I can recall any of those ever being good. Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick Studios seems intent on following in the steps of Rovio and ZeptoLab by adapting its most popular game into a TV series. Interestingly, the company is partnering with YouTube to do it.

The kid-focused Fruit Ninja series will be thirteen episodes of eleven minutes each, which is a sizeable commitment even for relatively inexpensive CG animation. According to the Australian company's press release, the series will be aimed at 6-to-10 year olds and their parents, and it will be accessible from the specialized YouTube Kids app and the various Fruit Ninja games on Android and other platforms.

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