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(Update: Rolling out) YouTube for Android TV gets a light makeover with expanded menu options

The current YouTube app for the big screen — the same one you see on Android TV, Fire TV, other smart TVs, video game consoles, and so on — has a pretty simple interface with just four main menu items (Search, Home, Subscriptions, and Library). A makeover is on the way, however, that will see the interface expanded to include a much longer menu list, which may or may not be an improvement.

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YouTube for Android TV has a cute trotting dog Easter egg

Google's quirky side rarely shows up these days, but we're always reminded of the company's more fun and personable nature when we come across an Easter egg in its apps and services. The latest to be pointed out to us is in the YouTube app on Android TV and it's a cute corgi that trots along the seek bar, similar to the one we saw in Hangouts a couple of years ago.

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YouTube on TV finally lets you save videos to watch later or your existing playlists

YouTube is one of the most used apps on my Shield TV; it's what my husband and I often go to when we want to catch up on videos from our favorite channels. However, two missing features have always annoyed us about the app on Android TV: one is the lack of playback speed controls, and two is the complete absence of ways to add videos to my Watch Later playlist or other lists. The latter functionality is finally rolling out now.

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YouTube for Android TV tests a new Now Playing UI with no suggested videos, no skip buttons, but easier access to captions

We live in a perpetual server-side microscopic interface change whirlwind. One day you get used to a new interface, the next another one starts popping up, improving some things, worsening others, and generally making our lives a little miserable in the process. But I can't complain, it's part of the reason I have a job, isn't it? The latest new UI we've spotted affects YouTube on Android TV, and it's not all good news. 

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YouTube for Android TV v2.03 enables voice commands, resuming videos after app switching, and personalized homescreen channels [APK Download]

YouTube's app for Android TV hasn't seen a lot of updates since it switched over to the web wrapper as an interface. However, each new version usually brings something of some importance. The latest release comes with a couple of notable enhancements, including performance improvements, automatic resume after switching apps, and voice commands via Google Assistant. For some people running Android Oreo, there may also be new "personalized channels" appearing in the homescreen.

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Both Google Classroom and YouTube for Android TV pass 10 million installs on the Play Store

Google Classroom first showed up on the Play Store in 2015, as an organization tool for teachers and students. The YouTube for Android TV app is a bit older, as it first showed up in 2014, just one day after the Nexus Player went on sale. Now both apps have passed 10 million installs on the Play Store.

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[Update: Brand account support coming soon] YouTube for Android TV 2.0 sparks outcry for being a web wrapper and other issues

The YouTube for Android TV app was updated to version 2.0 last month, with an all-new interface and changes to the video player. While there are a few great aspects of this update, like the new auto-play screen, many users aren't happy with it.

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[Update: arm APK] YouTube for Android TV v2.0 brings a major redesign and finally allows autoplay to be turned off [APK Download]

Holy cow, there's an update to the YouTube for Android TV app! It has been a long time–fourteen months, to be precise–and judging by a major bump to the version number, this isn't just a bug fixer. In fact, it carries an entirely redesigned interface, not to mention a few functional changes, as well. This update probably doesn't address many of the requests users have had over the last year, but it's a great step forward and solves at least one major issue: Auto-play.

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YouTube For Android TV v1.3.8 Adds Buttons To Manage Subscriptions, Enables Stats For Nerds, And More [APK Download]

Android TV is getting some serious attention this week with updates to just about all of the Google apps, including a few that most of us never hear about. An update to YouTube's set-top variant just came out with a few subtle changes. The latest release fills out the interface a bit to make channel subscriptions slightly easier. There are also some new shortcuts and reorganization for Settings, including a toggle to enable Stats for Nerds mode. And YouTube Red subscribers will finally see a visual change when their subscription status is recognized.

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Home screen – Left: old version. Right: new version.

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Google Publishes The YouTube App For Android TV On The Play Store

It looks like Google isn't wasting any time laying down a support infrastructure for its new set-top box push. Just one day after the shiny new Nexus Player officially went on sale, the YouTube app for Android TV has been published in the Play Store to enable easy updates without a firmware upgrade. If you happen to be one of the few people with an ADT-1 developer unit from Google I/O or you got lucky with an early delivery of the Nexus Player, you should see the update automatically.

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As far as the actual update is concerned, it doesn't add much: YouTube video recommendations have been added to the homescreen, but based on the screenshots in our own Nexus Player review, they seem to be there already.

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