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YouTube is testing a new section for scheduled streams and Premieres

YouTube is exploding as a streaming platform, but that doesn't always make it easy to know when your favorite channels will be live. You often have to scroll through your front page or subscriptions to see who's currently streaming — never mind who's planning to stream. YouTube is constantly trying out new features to improve the user experience, and its latest test involves a new section in the subscriptions tab, to make it easier to find upcoming live content and Premieres.

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YouTube testing new one-stop recording and uploading feature in its app

YouTube is testing a new all-in-one shooting and uploading feature for its creators using the platform's mobile apps. It allows people to record multiple clips right in the YouTube app and upload them as a new video. However, there's a limitation that's odd at first glance: It looks like creators will only be able to record 15-second long clips or takes at a time.

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YouTube tests 'featured in this video' section on Android

Over the last few years, the YouTube creator community has grown closer together and collaborations have become a regular occurrence. To make it easier for you to find out which YouTubers participate in a video, Google is A/B testing a new 'featured in this video' section on Android. In it, you'll find an overview of partaking creators complete with links to their channels and the option to subscribe.

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