While we weren't able to find anything else particularly interesting (note: Music Key is not linked to this update, previous versions had it, too), YouTube 5.18 does include some interesting strings referring to upload trimming. Specifically, these strings:

  <string name="android_youtube_upload_lib_name">AndroidYouTubeUploadLib</string>

<string name="video_trim_view_trim_time_regular">%1$02d:%2$02d</string>

<string name="video_trim_view_trim_time_zoomed">%1$02d:%2$02d.%3$03d</string>

<string name="upload_edit_video_tutorial_title">Trim your video</string>

<string name="upload_edit_video_tutorial_description">Drag the handles to trim.</string>

<string name="upload_edit_video_tutorial_zoom_description">Touch and hold to get a closer view.</string>

<string name="upload_edit_video_tutorial_got_it">Got it</string>

It looks like a new upload interface is on the way for YouTube's Android app, and it's probably about time - the current UI is pretty dated.

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