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Yi Outdoor Camera on sale for $58 ($22 off) at Amazon

So, you want a security camera, huh? If you've been looking to get a $100 unit to stick above your driveway, you can get that $100 unit for more than 40% off right now as Amazon has the Yi Outdoor Security Camera on discount — and that discount runs layers deep.

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Yi Lite action camera falls to $51 (with coupon) on Amazon


Are you looking for an action camera to document the weekend's not-so-wise decisions? The Yi Lite is currently on sale for $51, a further 15% off its already discounted price of $60. The lowest we've ever seen this drop to is $46 back during last year's Black Friday festivities, and since that offer didn't last too long, this one might be your best bet for getting a deal.

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Yi Happy Holiday Savings: Get a 4K action camera, a 360° camera, and more for up to 50% off [Featured Deal]

The holidays are almost here, but if you still haven't found gifts for someone, here's your chance. Yi Technology's Happy Holiday Savings sale has some of its best products up to 50% off. Dash cams, security cameras, 360-degree VR cameras, and action cams are all discounted. If you order today, you'll receive your items in time for Christmas.

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[Update: $140 off Yi 4K+, too] Grab a Yi 4K Action Camera plus waterproof case for just $98 ($63 off) on Amazon

Action cameras are a great way to capture, well, action. Designed to be both tough and low profile, they're easy to strap to your body to record your adventures hang gliding (or whatever). They're generally pretty pricey, though, with some high-end models going for hundreds of dollars. The Yi 4K Action Camera is already a nice bargain at its normal price of $121.99, and you can currently get 20 percent off the little guy on Amazon.

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6 of our favorite (non-Prime-Day) tech deals this week: Gear 360, two kinds of G6 phones, and more

The past week has been absolutely overrun with deals, due in no small part to the arrival of Amazon's annual Prime Day. While that's obviously been great for Prime members, there have also been a nice assortment of offers targeting the rest of us, as companies go after shoppers who weren't able to take advantage of Amazon's festivities. Here are some of our favorite deals from the past few days, ones that are both still available and aren't exclusive to Prime users.

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[Deal Alert] YI 1080p home camera down to all-time low of $30.99 on Amazon

Gone are the days of having to pay $150+ for a home security camera; these days, there are a few more cost-effective options on the market. YI has always had great prices, but this latest $30.99 deal on the company's 1080p home camera brings it to another level.

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[Deal Alert] YI 4K action camera down to $131.99 ($38 off) on Amazon with code


YI has become famous for offering incredible bang for the buck, and today's promo code takes that a step up. From now until the end of the month, you can pick up a YI 4K action camera for just $131.99, $38 less than the regular price. That's a healthy discount on an already-nice price.

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[Deal Alert] YI Discovery 4K action cam down to $47.99 ($5 off) on Amazon with code

GoPro may have popularized the action camera market, but there are plenty of competitors these days. YI came on the scene as a producer of affordable alternatives early on, but its latest release, the Discovery 4K, takes inexpensive action cams to a whole new level. The Discovery 4K has been discounted to just $47.99 with a coupon code applied at checkout.

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[Deal Alert] YI 1080p Home Camera down to $45 on Amazon ($15 off)

If you're looking to get into the wireless IP home security front, then this deal is a good place to start. Yi is offering its first-generation 1080p Home Camera for $44.99 on Amazon, a nice savings of $15 off the $59.99 MSRP.

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Google and Lenovo announce first standalone Daydream headset and new VR180 consumer cameras

Last summer, Google announced a new video format to simplify the creation of virtual reality content, VR180. Now at CES, they've partnered with Lenovo and Yi Technology to bring VR180 to consumer hardware in the form of a new Daydream headset and two VR cameras.

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