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[Update: $140 off Yi 4K+, too] Grab a Yi 4K Action Camera plus waterproof case for just $98 ($63 off) on Amazon

Action cameras are a great way to capture, well, action. Designed to be both tough and low profile, they're easy to strap to your body to record your adventures hang gliding (or whatever). They're generally pretty pricey, though, with some high-end models going for hundreds of dollars. The Yi 4K Action Camera is already a nice bargain at its normal price of $121.99, and you can currently get 20 percent off the little guy on Amazon.

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[Deal Alert] Get a YI 4K+/60fps Action Camera for $229.99 ($109.91 off) with Amazon coupon code

In the market for an action cam? Here's something: the YI 4K+/60fps Action Camera is on sale at Amazon for just $229.99 with a coupon code. It even comes with a waterproof case so you can safely capture all your whitewater kayaking high jinks.

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[Deal Alert] YI 4K action camera down to $131.99 ($38 off) on Amazon with code


YI has become famous for offering incredible bang for the buck, and today's promo code takes that a step up. From now until the end of the month, you can pick up a YI 4K action camera for just $131.99, $38 less than the regular price. That's a healthy discount on an already-nice price.

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[Deal Alert] Get a YI 4K action camera for $158.99 ($90 off) on Amazon with coupon code

GoPro's Hero line of cameras have become the go-to action cameras, but they can get pretty pricey. If you want something just as good, you may want to check out YI's 4K Sports and Action Video Camera. Amazon currently has the US model in White Pearl for just $158.99 with a coupon code, which is just over $90 off the MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] The YI 4K Action Camera is $50 off ($200) at Amazon

If you're in the market for an action camera that can shoot in insane 4K resolution, you could do worse than the YI. Jeff Beck gave the camera an easy recommendation versus the more common GoPro models in his review, even if users will need to buy the accessories separately. Today Amazon has the YI 4K, in black, white, and pink colors, for $50 off. That brings the camera down to just $199.99.

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Yi 4K Action Cam review: GoPro should be worried

A few weeks ago I wrote a preview article introducing the Yi 4K action camera. The upstart Chinese company has boldly promised that their top of the line $249 action cam can outperform the GoPro Hero4 Black (the Hero5 Black had yet to be announced when I began testing) which sells for $100-150 more.

That's a pretty bold statement considering that GoPro is a name synonymous with action cams, so much so that many people call any action camera a GoPro. I've spent the last few weeks testing that claim, and you know what, the Yi 4K is not as good as a GoPro Hero4 Black.

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