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Yelp app getting first real makeover in years, allows you to swipe through reviews

If you feel pretty strongly about a business, you might head to some place like Yelp to express your thoughts. But if you haven't been using its Android app lately, we can get why: it's cramped, has too many tabs to dip into, and even retains a few elements from Android's old Holo era. Well, we've been tracking a design overhaul that Yelp has been slowly dosing out and is meant to remedy all of those faults.

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The Menu In Yelp's Android App Hides An Awesome Animated Easter Egg


Yelp's Big v7.0 Material Redesign Is Out Of Beta

Since time immemorial, Yelp's Android app has been incredibly ugly. That ends today. The redesign that reached beta testing last month has been released to the general public. It's so much nicer than the old one.


New Yelp v7 Beta Update Brings A Complete Material Redesign [APK Download]

There are a lot of outdated apps lurking in the Play Store, but Yelp's antiquated design has been particularly irksome. See, Yelp is a popular app that can be really useful, but it is just a mess of old design language. If you're in the Yelp beta, check your updates because things are about to change. Yelp 7.0.0-Beta1 is rolling out with a material overhaul. It's so much better, and we've got the APK below for your sideloading pleasure.

2015-02-02 22.24.10 2015-02-02 22.22.57 2015-02-02 22.22.49 2015-02-02 22.26.41

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Yelp Releases New Mobile App Made Just For Business Owners

Business owners already keep up with Yelp, as reviews can make or break sales. But at the end of the day, the mobile app remains a consumer-facing piece of software, encouraging users to check out which establishments are hot and leave their own feedback.

While Yelp isn't changing its main app, it has released a separate one that acknowledges how much attention the people running restaurants and stores pay to the service. Yelp for Business Owners lets these folks follow analytics and reach out directly to consumers who leave them reviews. It goes so far as to deliver notifications whenever someone leaves a message or review.

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Yelp Announces Ability To Translate Reviews, Feature Coming Soon To Android

So you know how when you don't understand what someone's saying on Google+, you click that conveniently located translate button that appears at the bottom of their post and whammo, everything suddenly makes sense? Well, Yelp is planning on bringing some of the magic over to its mobile app. Users will be able to click a button to instantly translate reviews. It may not sound like much, but it could really come in handy when traveling in a country where the local residents speak a different language and you really just want to know where to get a plate of breakfast without breaking the bank.

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Yelp v5.9 For Android Update Brings Messaging Feature To Mobile App

Yelp's Android app was updated to version 5.9 this afternoon, adding an apparently much-requested feature: messaging support. The Yelp app did not previously allow users to send one another messages, but this has now been remedied. Hooray! I guess.

Screenshot_2014-05-07-13-57-38 Screenshot_2014-05-07-13-57-55

Otherwise, there's nothing going on here - probably a few bug fixes, maybe some performance tweaks. Oh, and a Mitch Hedberg quote, a la Yelp's typically enjoyable changelogs: "I order the club sandwich all the time. And I’m not even a member, man. I don’t know how I get away with it."


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Yelp Launches In Japan, Enables Spa And Salon Bookings, And Introduces In-App Video Overviews

Yelp has come to Japan, which means residents can now create accounts at and begin the tedious but necessary work of leaving nasty reviews for perceived slights from waiters and waitresses everywhere. Japan is the second Asian country to gain access to Yelp, with Singapore being the first back in 2012. Following this announcement, it only makes sense that the Yelp team added the ability to search using emoji when they did. After all, those popular icons did originate in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Yelp1 Yelp2

Coinciding with the launch, Yelp users can now place bookings at spas and salons.

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[:D] You Can Now Use Emoji To Search Yelp For Food, Clothing, Lodging, Cosmetics, And Other Amusing Things

Emoji convey a lot using very little, and now Yelp has tapped into this to speed up its searches. No, the results don't come in any faster. Rather, instead of typing out a word as long as "hamburger," just insert a picture of one. Want to hit up a bar? Head to the emoji section of your keyboard and drop in a frosty mug. Yelp will know what to do.

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Yelp Finally Ditches The Gingerbread Filters UI, Adds Tons More Search Filters, Makes Searching Reviews Easier

Everyone's favorite eatery index, Yelp, released a significant update to its Android app today (now version 5.5), finally replacing the increasingly stale search filters UI with something a bit more modern. In the process, Yelp also added a whole bunch of new search filters to fine-tune your quest for the best sandwich in town.

The new app boasts filters for Hot & New, Offering a deal, take-out, good for kids, good for groups, takes reservations, takes credit cards, wheelchair access, full bar or beer & wine only, outdoor seating, happy hour, TV, and free or paid Wi-Fi. And that's just for restaurants - the filters are dynamic, and the options you see will depend on just what it is you're searching for.

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