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[Deal Alert] Here's A $10 Off Coupon Code For The Xiaomi Yeelight Bluetooth Connected LED Lamp We Reviewed Last Week

Cody reviewed a cool little gadget by Xiaomi last week – the Yeelight. It's an LED lamp that's controllable via a smart phone application using a Bluetooth LE connection. According to Cody, it works well and is a solid option for someone wanting a mood light, or a wake-assist lamp, without investing a ton on money into a full-blown smart lighting system. If you want to know more about it, then be sure to check out his full review.

Think it's cool? Well then you can buy one on Amazon. They sell for $69, but today you can buy one for $10 less with coupon code O5TOJGWW, which brings the price down to $59 (you probably could have done that math on your own).

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Yeelight Bedside Lamp Review: A Pretty Nice Wireless LED Lamp For A Pretty Reasonable Price

Connected "smart" lighting is far from a new concept, but in late-2012, Philips released the first Hue lightbulb which became the blueprint for a new category in an old market. It was no longer enough for lights to turn on at a scheduled time or with a clunky wireless remote, they had to become smarter, more efficient, more flexible, and we wanted to control them with our smartphones. But a product of this type lends itself to variations, special features, and stylistic choices beyond those of the original innovation. This brings us to the Yeelight, a Bluetooth-enabled bedside lamp with a stylish look, simple controls, and a couple of clever features to go along with it.

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