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Verizon agrees to acquire Yahoo in $4.83 billion deal

It's not exactly a secret that Yahoo has been struggling recently, seeming unfocused and not having any real idea what to do with its products and services. To that end, the company has been looking for a buyer for the last four months, with multiple parties interested in acquiring the stricken, fallen colossus. That process has now come to an end, resulting in Verizon purchasing the 'operating business' (the day-to-day activities and products) of the former web giant for $4.83 billion.

The deal will complement Verizon's other former internet behemoth, AOL, in what is being seen as a deal to boost the ad services Verizon offers.

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Yahoo releases new Yahoo Sports app with modern Material Design interface

Yahoo already had a Sports app on the Play Store, which until yesterday enjoyed the brand's signature purple icon and "Yahoo Sports" name. Now, that app has been clearly retired with a grey icon and a switch back to its old Sportacular name. Instead, there's a brand new Yahoo Sports app on the Play Store with an improved purple icon and an entirely redesigned UI.

Say buh-bye to the old black and blue half-Holo half-Material look and hello to a full on white and dark blue interface with differentiated cards, easy to parse information, and a nice focus on visual aids.

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Yahoo Mail Offers Contact Syncing And An Open Beta Of Its Android App

Yahoo Mail might not be the trendiest web mail service on the planet, but it's still used by hundreds of millions of accounts (if not necessarily that many actual people). And somehow, the official Yahoo Mail app for Android has neglected to sync contact information with the operating system before now. That's been rectified, according to the Mail blog on the Yahoo-owned Tumblr. The latest version of the app in the Play Store, 5.5.3, confirms it in the changelog.

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Yahoo Mail Introduces Themes And Colors To Customize The Look Of All Your Inboxes

Ever used multiple inboxes in the same email app and wished there was an easy visual differentiator between each one? I know I have. And instead of Gmail fixing the problem, the solution comes to us courtesy of Yahoo's email application.

In the most recent update to Yahoo Mail, the app is getting a new theming feature where you could pick an individual color out of 11 possible options for each of your inboxes. Your Yahoo inbox could be purple, your Gmail could be red, and your Outlook could be blue. Or you can use a blue inbox for Yahoo — who's gonna stop you, you rebel!

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Yahoo Kills Off Yahoo Autos, Food, Health, Makers, Parenting, Real Estate, And Travel

A decade or two ago, homepages were king. Back in the days of AOL commercials, being a major tech company meant you had your own homepage, and these served as one-stop-shops for news and information. Yahoo, to this day, keeps that trend alive. But the readers just aren't there like they used to be.

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Yahoo Mail Android App Update Lets You Customize Swipes, Take Action On Notifications, And More

Yahoo Mail may not have the proportion of users that it used to have, but there are still nearly as many people using the site as there are citizens in the US. With over 100 million installs, at least one or two people are using the Android app. Those folks are gaining a few new ways to manage their inbox in the latest update.

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Yahoo Updates Mobile Apps And Website With More Social Elements

Yahoo, whatever you think of the site, remains one of the largest sources of news and communication in the world. Today the company has announced updates to its homepage alongside its Android and iOS apps that further bring these two aspects together.

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Yahoo Video Guide Is One More TV App You Can Install To Manage All Of Your Other Ones

Remember cable? It sucked. You had to deal with commercials, and you could only watch what the network decided you should watch. It was a nightmare that many of us couldn't wait to — oh, some of you still have it? Oh, you like it? But... but why?

Anyways, times have greatly improved for cord cutters. There's YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, HBO Now, Showtime, Google Play, Watch ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, PBS, and so many other options for streaming video.

The downside? We have to keep up with what's available where. This conundrum has led to the proliferation of TV guide-ish apps that will tell you what's playing on which services (oh how things have come full circle).

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Yahoo Brings Messenger Into The Modern Era With Likes, Unsending, Animated GIFs, Mass Photo Sharing, And More

It's easy to laugh at Yahoo. Other tech brands like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have grown in prominence over the last ten years. But rather than improve, Yahoo has mostly just continued. It's still a giant presence. Millions of people use its services. It just doesn't grab headlines like the competition.

Well, Yahoo has now re-released one of its most widely known properties, Yahoo Messenger.

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Yahoo Mail 5.0 Now Rolling Out To Android Devices With A New Look, A Password-Free Sign-In Key, And The Ability To Manage Non-Yahoo Accounts

Yahoo Mail remains one of the company's biggest properties, and it's going all out with the release of version 5.0. This isn't just about a visual design, which we detailed when we got our hands on the beta. There are new features that can be found both in the app and on the web.

This release comes with the Yahoo Account Key, a way to sign-in without having to re-enter your password. Instead, it relies on push notifications sent to your mobile device. Just tap the button to get in. Hopefully someone else doesn't have your phone at the time.

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