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Sony is bringing its ridiculous neck speakers to the US next month

The concept of wearable speakers is relatively new and weird, and the benefits are questionable for most people. It's a category of devices that sits somewhere between regular old speakers and headphones. They're supposed to make the sound feel even more immersive as you enjoy your home cinema, while neither disturbing nor blocking out your surroundings. One such product is Sony's SRS-WS1. It's been available overseas for quite some time already, and it's now coming to the US.

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YouTube app is testing another revamp that makes comments both more and less prominent

Out of all the Google apps that receive server-side changes, YouTube is one of the most prominent examples. It seems like YouTube is always experimenting with some sort of revamp, whether the changes are large or small. In this case, the changes are rather large; the comments section, which has been made a pop-up instead of a permanent part of the UI, now has an icon alongside the 'like' and 'dislike' functions.

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