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WearResponses v2.0 Rolling Out Today With Support For All SMS Apps And No More Root/Xposed Requirement [Update: Now Live]

One of the continued shortcomings of Android Wear is the lack of configurable canned response messages. If you can't talk to your wrist, it really limits what you can say. For a few months, WearResponses has offered an alternative for users of rooted devices with Xposed, but the v2.0 update is rolling out today and should work on all devices without root. How? Sorcery, I'd imagine.

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Xposed GEL Settings Gets A Material Makeover, Automatically Hides Homescreen Apps In The Drawer In Version 2.2

Most Xposed modules add a simple change or tweak one or two settings. The Xposed GEL Settings module, colloquially known as XGELS, is a bit more ambitious. This tool for customizing the default Google Experience Launcher keeps adding new features every few months, and the latest actually adds something that isn't available in erstwhile competitors like Nova or Apex. You can download it on the Play Store now, though you'll need root and the Xposed Framework to run it.

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XGELS Module Updated To Version 2.1 With More Homescreen, App Drawer, And Badge Options

Xposed GEL Settings, or XGELS, is an Xposed Framework module that aims to make the default Google Now launcher (AKA the Google Experience Launcher) just as customizable as alternatives like Nova. The latest update adds a handful of new options for customization nuts, including tweaks to the icon display on the homescreen and app drawer. You can download XGELS via the Play Store, but you'll need a rooted device and the Xposed Framework (sideload) to make it work.

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XGELS Hits v2.0 With Custom App Drawer Tabs, New Notification Badge Options, And More

Google's official Google Now Launcher is pretty cool, but it's lacking the settings you'd find in Nova and other third-party launchers. There's a way to fix that if you're rooted with Xposed, though. Xposed GEL Settings (or XGELS to its friends) is an app that adds features to GNL so you can have the best of both worlds. This app just hit v2.0 and it's packing some new goodies.

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WearResponses Xposed Module Lets Rooted Users Create Custom Android Wear Responses For SMS

It never ceases to amaze me how much rooted users can get done with the Xposed Framework customization engine. The latest add-on module lets you expand the somewhat basic canned responses available on Android Wear-enabled text messaging apps. With WearResponses, you can add in just about any custom message to the list that appears on your watch, which should be handy for specific work replies that are too unique for voice detection.

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ChromePIE Xposed Module Gives Rooted Users Customizable Swipe-In Controls For Chrome

It really is staggering how much customization you can do with the flexible Xposed Framework, even on a stock phone or tablet. The latest interesting Xposed module adds some much-needed options to Chrome for Android, at least if you're a root user who knows your way around the tool. ChromePIE is not a delicious browser-flavored snack cake, it's a module that adds swiping controls to Chrome, modeled after the popular LMT-PIE navigation bar replacement.

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This Handy Xposed Module From The Developer Of XGELS Will Let You Toggle Auto-Correct With Just A Double Tap

Sometimes auto-correct is more annoying than it is useful (hyperbottomcheeks978 is a username, dear keyboard, and no I don't want to save it to my dictionary just to prevent you from nagging me about it for the remainder of this conversation). Fortunately for users of the Xposed framework, there is a new module out that will allow you to toggle auto-correct on and off just by double tapping on any text box.

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GravityBox Xposed Module 3.2 Brings Heads Up Notifications And More Goodies To Rooted Users

Last year we told you about GravityBox, easily one of the most complete and far-reaching Xposed modules for rooted Nexus and AOSP ROMs. The creator is still expanding the module, and has quickly incorporated the Heads Up notifications recently featured in CyanogenMod nightly builds. Heads Up notifications pop up for easy viewing and action while in full screen mode. The feature is hidden deep in Android 4.4 code, and easily enabled here.

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[New App] Xtended NavBar Lets You Swipe To Access More Features From Your Android Navigation Bar (Root Only)

Google has chosen to keep the on-screen navigation bar simple ever since it was introduced back in Honeycomb. It's changed a little bit over the years, but Xtended NavBar lets you change the way it works without screwing up the UI. When you need you navigation buttons, they're in the usual spot, but you can swipe to access more functions.

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Xposed GEL Settings Module Adds A Nifty Dynamic Home Button And Icon Pack Support In Version 1.7

As useful as the Google Experience Launcher (GEL) is, it's not exactly what you'd call "customizable." But intrepid modder Alexander Schulz has been working on that, making the GEL bend to his will through the magic of root and the Xposed Framework tool. The latest update to Xposed GEL Settings adds some really cool features. The most impressive is probably the dynamic home button: the home button on the virtual nav bar will switch to the app tray icon on the default home screen if that's the function you've selected.

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