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The Xposed Framework And Installer Are Now Available For Android 6.0 Devices

Xposed Framework is a modification for root-level users that allows them to apply a wide series of mods and tweaks to a variety of Android releases and skins. It's become a popular alternative to full custom ROMs, especially for users who only want one or two tweaks to their devices instead of a full transformation. The creator of Xposed, who goes by "rovo89" on XDA-Developers, posted a new version for Android 6.0 Marshmallow this afternoon after a brief tease earlier this week.

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Xposed Framework For Marshmallow Is Almost Here

The Xposed Framework is one of the most versatile tools available for tweakers and tinkerers in the Android community. Installing the framework on a rooted device unlocks a world of possibilities for changing the behavior of system and user apps without any modifications to the app files themselves. These sorts of tweaks used to only be accessible to users on custom ROMs, but the ease and flexibility provided by Xposed caused it to very quickly gain popularity among fans of pure vanilla Android as well. There are currently hundreds of installable modules, which allow for everything ranging from YouTube background playback, to enabling Force Touch on Android, to even making several devices water resistant.

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Xposed Framework Is Now Official For Lollipop 5.0 And 5.1 On Most Devices

Android 5.0 brought major changes to the platform, and that made it hard to get the Xposed system tweaking framework functional. The project's developer has finally announced that Xposed for Lollipop is ready after months of betas and unofficial builds. That doesn't mean it's completely without risks, but nothing should be obviously broken.

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[Weekend Poll] Should App Developers Ignore Bug Reports From Users Running Modified Firmware On Their Device?

A discussion on Google+ started yesterday by Yahooer (and former Nexus device maintainer) JBQ about modified firmware and app bug/crash reports has started something of a debate: should developers actually heed crash and other logs from users with things such as modified frameworks, or even custom ROMs?

On the extreme end of the spectrum, the popular Xposed module allows you to heavily modify the behavior, appearance, and other aspects of the Android OS. It also unabashedly is a source of compatibility issues in some third-party apps, because it can change, add, or remove things that third-party apps simply aren't going to account for.

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Popular Xposed Framework Module GravityBox Updated To Work With Android 5.1

Xposed is a fantastic tool for modders whose phones aren't as popular as mainstream models and don't get as much ROM support, or if they simply want a few Android tweaks without flashing completely custom firmware. Unfortunately, both the Xposed Framework and the module you're using need to be updated with each major release of Android for the functionality to reliably work. That's now true for GravityBox, a popular collection of tweaks and mods bundled into a single module, and Lollipop 5.1.

2015-05-17 19.57.29 2015-05-17 19.57.47 2015-05-17 19.57.54

Well, sort of. In fact there's still no official 5.1 release for Xposed itself - you'll have to use this unofficial (but somewhat sanctioned) port.

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Material Power Menu Replaces Lollipop's Standard Power Menu With A Prettier And More Useful Alternative

Before Android 5.0, the Android power menu (reached by pressing and holding the physical power button) included options for an airplane mode and setting the ringer to on, vibrate, or silent. And that was just the AOSP implementation: some manufacturer skins, custom ROMs, and root tools added extras like a screenshot button, a reboot menu, and other goodies. But with Android 5.0, we get... this.

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Popular Xposed Module GravityBox Has Been Released For Android 5.0 Lollipop

Just about a week after the public release of the Xposed Framework for Lollipop devices, we are now privy to one of the best and most popular modules, GravityBox. And, like the framework, the developer of GravityBox is calling this version an alpha release. Still, those of you with Nexus devices are going to be very excited about this one.

For the unfamiliar, GravityBox is an Xposed module that offers a wide variety of tweaks for AOSP-ish ROMs. The idea is to make custom ROMs, like CyanogenMod, unnecessary. Even better, the user can have more control over the modifications. You might like one feature of OmniRom but not another.

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Xposed Module Removes The Eye-Searing Orange Theme From Lollipop's Battery Saver Mode

Android 5.0 has a lot of smart features, and battery saver mode is one of them. When your phone reaches a user-defined low battery level, Lollipop will automatically reduce animations, turn off most background data, cut vibration from alerts, and lower the standard brightness on the screen. It's a smarter implementation of the feature than, say, the ultra power saving modes on recent Samsung or HTC phones, which disable all but a few apps.


Aaaah! It burns!

It also makes the phone's UI switch to a bright orange theme when activated, almost like you just enabled Federal Penitentiary Mode. The nav bar, notification bar, and other elements of the standard AOSP interface are so bright that they seem like they're trying to punch you in the eyeballs.

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Xposed Framework For Lollipop Is Now Available As An Alpha

The day you've (maybe) been waiting for has finally arrived—Xposed for Android 5.0 is finally available on XDA. Developer rovo89 posted a teaser the other day, and has followed through on his vague promise of "soon." Installation is a bit more complicated than it was on KitKat, but nothing you can't handle, I'm sure.


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Xposed Framework For Android 5.0/ART Could Be Just Around The Corner

For those who like to mod their Android devices, the Xposed framework is a revelation. You don't need to flash a new ROM, but you get a ton of customization options and system UI tweaks with relatively limited risk. After months of waiting, Xposed may finally be coming to Lollipop.


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