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Pixel 4 Xposed module lets you use face unlock in apps that only support fingerprint authentication

The Pixel 4 is the first Android phone to feature a proper secure face unlock mechanism that can't be easily fooled by pictures or similar looking people. To enable authentication in banking apps or password managers, this technology requires Android 10's new biometrics API. Since it's different from the previous fingerprint API, there are only a handful of applications that already support it. A new Xposed module provides a workaround for unsupported apps that aren't yet compatible with the Pixel 4's face unlock. The only caveat: it requires root access.

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[Update: Taken down] Unauthorized GravityBox app listing pops up on Play Store

Most of our rooting and ROMing readers should be familiar with the name GravityBox, which is a set of tweaks that use the Xposed framework to modify AOSP-based ROMs with features and tweaks typically found in third-party projects—giving you ROM-like features while running stock, basically. Earlier today we were interested to see the tool had a listing on the Play Store, but after reaching out to GravityBox developer C3C076, we've learned it has no association with the project.

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Xposed Framework adds Android Oreo support with new beta

Xposed, a framework that allows users to install heavy modifications to Android, usually takes a few months to be updated for every new Android release. However, it took over a year for the creator of Xposed (Rovo89) to update the framework for Nougat, due to the major changes Android 7.0 made to the app runtime.

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Xposed Framework now available for Android 7.0/7.1 Nougat

Xposed Framework was extremely popular in the KitKat and Lollipop days for heavy system modification, but until today, it lacked support for Android 7.0 Nougat. While the developer shared status updates every once in a while, progress was slow thanks to major changes in Nougat's app runtime. At long last, Xposed is finally available for Android 7.0 and 7.1 devices.

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Xposed Framework developer says be patient, a Nougat version is coming

The Xposed Framework and its associated modules are the best friends of users who know their way around root-level tools, but don't want a full custom ROM (or can't find one for their less-popular devices). One downside is that Xposed is the passion project of a single developer, "rovo89." He (we have it on fairly good authority that it is he, though the dev is very private) works on the framework outside of his day job, and it's often several months before rovo89 has it working to a level that's ready for general users.

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[Guide] How to play Pokémon GO (0.37+) on a rooted Android with Magisk

If you follow Android Police, there's a good chance you've got a rooted device, whether it be an easy-to-root Nexus or something like a Galaxy that takes more effort to do so. It's also very possible that you play Pokémon GO, which can probably be considered the fad of the year. For those of you who fall into both of those categories, you're probably frustrated that with the latest version (0.37), you'll now be forbidden from playing the game on your phone, just because some no-gooders used GPS spoofing and/or Xposed modules to get ahead. Even RootCloak doesn't work. Not to worry though, as there's a fairly simple way to circumvent this block.

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Amazon's BLU R1 HD gets rooted, bootloader unlocked, TWRPed, and debloated

The BLU R1 HD is a cheap Android phone, made even cheaper by its release as an Amazon Prime Exclusive device. You pay $50 (or $60 for the 16GB/2GB RAM version) for the phone instead of its original $100 price tag, but you get Amazon's apps pre-installed and its ads on the lockscreen. It's not that bad really: David has been trying to live with it for a month and hasn't faced many issues beside the "slowening", ie. the fact that the phone gets slower the more you use it.

If you've had an eye on this device either as your main phone or maybe as a Pokémon GO phone (hey, we understand), but you just can't bring yourself to accept Amazon's bloat, there's good news for you.

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Allo And Duo APKs Leaked But Inoperable, So One Modder Used A Custom Xposed Module To Peek Into Allo

So Allo has some people in the Android world quite excited, even if it is Google's third chat standard in four years and leaves the future of Hangouts somewhat nebulous. It's going to be several months before the public gets access to Allo in all its Assistant-infused glory, but there are already APKs leaking out to the Internet for both the standard Allo and the new Duo video chat app. At least a few users were able to grab the apps off the Play Store despite them being in pre-registered mode, and both of them were posted to our sister site APK Mirror.

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[No More Nvy] Android N-ify Xposed Module Brings N Features To Your Lollipop And Marshmallow Device

Feeling Nvious? I Nderstand. But I have to warn you: with Google I/O kicking off in a few hours, you'll bet that we'll hear more about N than we have in the past months and your situation is only going to get more Nsufferable.

If you're rooted though and you have flashed Xposed onto your device, there's something Nteresting for you to try. Android N-ify is a module you can grab for your Lollipop and Marshmallow device to make it look and feel a little more like N. The module has been available since March, and has been getting different updates to add more features with time.

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GravityBox Dev Releases Marshmallow Version Of Xposed Module

Following the launch of Xposed Framework for Android 6.0 last week, C3C076 has just announced a Marshmallow-compatible version of his popular all-in-one toolkit, GravityBox. As with previous releases, GravityBox is available as a separate app for Marshmallow, so older versions will continue to be accessible to users on JellyBean, KitKat, or Lollipop.

GravityBox's Xposed module contains one of the most comprehensive set of tweaks out there, including adjustments to the status bar, lockscreen, launcher, dialer, QuickSettings, navigation bar, and much more. The new version does not yet include any new features, but that shouldn't be an issue to any of its fans who were patiently waiting for Marshmallow compatibility.

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