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Verizon, In Startling Moment Of Clarity, Cancels The Pointless Sony Xperia Z4v

Remember the Verizon Z4v? Me neither [almost]! I even wrote an article about this phone like 2 weeks ago and I still barely remember it. If you want a refresher: the Z4v was basically a Verizon-ified version of the Xperia Z4. Which launched way back in April. There's also that whole "the Z5 now exists" thing, which makes releasing a new Z4 variant kind of pointless and generally a bit silly.

Verizon, in what can only be called a mildly astonishing moment of self-realization and pragmatism, has therefore decided to cancel the phone. Take it away, Albert:

Verizon will no longer be launching Xperia Z4v, however we are committed to supporting Sony Mobile’s product portfolio and will support existing products.

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Verizon's Now-Pointless Z4v Still Hasn't Been Released, But Here's Some Guy Reviewing It On YouTube

Remember that time Verizon announced it will carry a version of the Xperia Z4 called the Xperia Z4v three months ago? And said it would be out "this summer?" Well, summer ends in exactly... tomorrow, and the phone still isn't out. It was actually allegedly supposed to be released over a month ago, but now any kind of launch before October seems highly unlikely. Some guy got one anyway (somehow) and reviewed it in this video on YouTube. Verizon's site, by the way, says the phone is still "coming soon."

As I hope we can all agree, this is tremendously, mind-bendingly dumb for several reasons.

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[Updated] Verizon May Launch The Sony Xperia Z4v On August 13th


The Sony Xperia Z4 Is Coming To Verizon As The Z4v This Summer

Okay, Sony. Can you just decide what you want to call this phone? Is it the Z4 like in Japan, or the Z3+ as in most other markets? I say this because the phone is coming to the US as the Xperia Z4v on Verizon. It will be out this summer with obnoxious Verizon branding and yes, a Snapdragon 810. It's not clear if Verizon will be posting warnings in its stores.


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