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Sony Planning Another 6-inch Xperia Device, Possibly The Xperia C6

We know Sony likes big phones - the Z5 Premium or the absurd (but kinda cool) Z Ultra range laying testimony to this. Well, now it looks like it has another massive phone under its belt - the C6. This phone is the follow-up to the C5 Ultra, another 6-inch device released in August 2015; it's immediately obvious that the design of the C6 is similar to the C5.

Xperia-C6_4 Xperia-C6_2 Xperia-C6_3

According to Xperiablog, the C6 will have a 6-inch screen and a front-facing flash, both of which are definitely unusual for today's smartphones. To add to this, the device will have minimal side bezels and, like the C5 Ultra, a MediaTek chip, meaning it might be aimed at Sony's home country of Japan, or maybe a wider Asian release.

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Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact, And Z Ultra Receive Post-Lollipop Firmware Update Bringing Back Close All Apps Button And Fixing A Slew Of Bugs


Sony Lollipop Rollout Hits Xperia Z3 Dual, Z1, Z1 Compact, And Z Ultra


The Sony Z Ultra Is The Latest Google Play Edition Device To Get A Lollipop OTA Update

The one Nexus-style smartphone that's even bigger than the N6 is getting its Android 5.0 update today. At least a few owners of Sony's Z Ultra (nee Xperia) Google Play Edition are getting over-the-air updates to Lollipop, as evidenced by this XDA thread. Conveniently, one of those fine folks has found the link to OTA ZIP file, so you can download and flash it manually to your own phone if you don't want to wait for the rollout.

The Z Ultra is the second Google Play Edition to get Lollipop, right after the G Pad 8.3 from LG.

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[Deal Alert] Open Box/Refurbished Sony Xperia Z Ultra GPE For $269.99 From Expansys

It made its exit from the Play Store device section a few months ago, but there are still some Google Play Edition Sony Xperia Z Ultras floating around out there. Expansys has the device in stock for just $269.99, but it's not exactly new.

2014-09-24 17_27_53-Sony Sony Xperia Z Ultra C6806 (BSTOCK) (Unlocked LTE, 16GB, Black, Google Play

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[Deal Alert] Expansys USA Is Selling The GPE HTC One M7, Galaxy S4, And LG G Pad 8.3 In Addition To The Z Ultra At Steep Discounts

Google officially pulled the HTC One M7, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z Ultra, and LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition devices from the Play Store not too long ago. Since then we've seen a couple of them pop up on sale across various distributors. When an eBay seller offered the Galaxy S4 for $499 ($150 off) last month, we considered that a deal. Before that, Expansys USA offered the Z Ultra for the low price of $349, $100 less than what Google last asked for it. As it turns out, that latter device isn't alone. Expansys USA is selling the other three departed GPE devices as well, and all are going for drastically reduced prices.

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Sony Steps Up To The Plate, Now Pushing 4.4.4 To The Xperia Z1, Z1 Compact, And Z Ultra In Europe

Outside of Google, it looks like Sony is the first company to start pushing 4.4.4 to its devices, beginning with the Z1, Z1 Compact, and Z Ultra. While it's only a very minor update, it still says something about Sony's drive to push timely updates that it's the first to get 4.4.4 out the door to consumer devices.


Included in this software

There are many improvements in this upgrade for your Xperia™ smartphone, some examples are:

  • Android 4.4.4 including the latest enhancements and security updates from Google
  • Updated and improved camera experience
  • Improvements when using Google voice, Contacts, Music streaming and Google+
  • The latest versions of our Sony apps for you to enjoy
  • All of our latest bug fixes, optimisations & improvements

The update is currently only rolling out in Europe, but it will likely follow in other regions fairly soon.

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Sony Teases The Next Big Thing, Which May Or May Not Be A Six-Foot Smartphone

Update: If you were hoping for the Z2 Ultra, keep hoping. This is the Xperia T3.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that "the next big thing" that Sony is teasing in this coy blog post is not a pretty lady in a red dress. While those are always appreciated, they've been around for a while. No, that oh-so-subtle headline probably has more to do with the device hanging out in the foreground.


Sony could be preparing a six-foot Xperia Galactus, but the smart money is on an update to the Xperia Z Ultra. That odd device was one of the first of the new mega-sized smartphones with a 6.4-inch, 1080p display when it launched a year ago.

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Sony's Unlocked Xperia Z Ultra LTE Gets A $230 Price Drop To $449.99

The Xperia Z Ultra is an odd proposal from a hardware perspective. The huge 6.4" 1080p screen, Snapdragon 800 processor, and 2GB of RAM say "high end," while the 8MP rear camera lacking a flash seems a bit down-market. Perhaps that has something to do with possibly tepid sales at the phone's $679 price point... and also Sony's decision to lower it. XperiaBlog reports that the price for the phone has been dropped to $449.99.

z ultra crop

That's the unlocked LTE phone sold on Sony's online store, which includes Sony's software additions on top of Android 4.4 (upgraded from 4.2). Earlier this week, the price of the Google Play Edition with stock Android 4.4 was also lowered.

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Google Drops The Price Of Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition By $200 – Now Only $449 With Free Shipping

The market for gigantic waterproof phones just got a lot more competitive. Google has slashed the price of the Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition by $200. That brings the price down from $649 to a much more respectable $449.

2014-04-29 13_01_21-Sony Z Ultra Google Play edition - Devices on Google Play

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