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Sony's next flagship phone could be the 'Xperia 1'

Sony's device naming scheme for Xperia phones has been confusing for years. The 'XZ' line of phones serve as the company's mainstream devices (akin to a Galaxy S device), with the 'XZ Premium' phones being ultra-flagships (like a Galaxy Note or LG V phone). On top of that, there are budget devices under several monikers, like the L2, R1, and XA2.

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Leaked Sony Xperia XZ4 renders show 21:9 display and three rear cameras

It's been scarcely three months since Sony launched a flagship phone, so clearly, it's getting ready to release another. A new leak purports to show renders of the upcoming Xperia XZ4, which looks like an evolution of the XZ3. The phone has more cameras, more display, but still no headphone jack.

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