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Possible Google phone codenames Bonito and Sargo pop up in latest ARCore update [APK Teardown]

ARCore updates generally just bring support to a set of both old and new Android devices, but every once in a while we're treated to something pretty unexpected. In the latest version, new profiles can be found for one, or maybe even two currently unreleased Google devices. The first of these devices bares the Bonito name, originally expected to be a mid-range Pixel phone. There's also a brand new fish-themed codename that may represent an entirely new device: Sargo.

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[Update: Video] Xiaomi shares first real photo of the Mi Mix 3, announces it will be ready for 5G

Xiaomi shared a 3D render of the upcoming Mi Mix 3 last week, showing off the pop-out camera mechanism. Xiaomi's Director of Product Management, Donovan Sung, has posted today a real photo of the phone and revealed it will support 5G.

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Xiaomi releases render of Mi Mix 3 with sliding camera

For nearly two years, the Mi Mix has served as Xiaomi's experimental flagship. The original model was released in late 2016 as a 'concept phone,' and a sequel came out about a year later. The Mi Mix 2S only arrived five months ago, but it looks like Xiaomi is already close to replacing it.

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