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Android 8.0 Oreo rolling out to some Xiaomi Mi Box owners

The rollout of Android TV 8.0 has been slow, to say the least. The Nexus Player received Oreo as its final update, and the Nvidia Shield won't get it until later this year. The Xiaomi Mi Box was released internationally in 2016, and even though performance was sub-par, it was still a popular Android TV box for a while. In a strange turn of events, the Mi Box might get Oreo before the Nvidia Shield.

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Xiaomi officially announces Mi Box 4 and 4c, available only in China starting February 1st

Following the rumors indicating a forthcoming announcement, Xiaomi has officially announced the Mi Box 4 and budget-minded Mi Box 4c (pictured) for the Chinese market. Xiaomi released only one Mi Box product internationally, though the company has released multiple versions of the Mi Box in China. The China-only devices run the custom MIUI TV interface instead of Android TV. That said, Xiaomi has not shared any plans for these devices to be the basis of a successor to the Mi Box.

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Xiaomi Mi Box 4 will reportedly be announced in China on January 29

Xiaomi's Mi Box is one of many set-top boxes running Android, and the third generation was released in China in late 2016. An international model running Android TV 6.0 was released shortly afterwards, simply called 'Mi Box,' but that received mixed reviews. Now it looks like the fourth-generation Mi Box will be unveiled on January 29, according to reports from Chinese media.

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Android TV streaming boxes: An uneasy start and apparent death

Android TV is very much alive, as was made abundantly clear by the plethora of new Android TV powered televisions with Google Assistant capability shown off at CES 2018. Streaming boxes powered by Android TV, however, are conspicuously missing—the last Android TV set-top box to be released in the United States was the Xiaomi Mi Box in October 2016.

Apple TV and Amazon's Fire TV products both received hardware refreshes last September, while Roku products received hardware refreshes in October. In comparison, the three year old Nexus Player—arguably the flagship of Android TV—last received a software update in November, and will not be upgraded to Android 8.1 Oreo.

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A wild Xiaomi Mi Box Android TV appears at Walmart, costs $69

According to a helpful commenter who provided this photo, a Walmart (location unknown) is currently selling Xiaomi's not-actually-out-yet Mi Box. The price? $69. Not bad at all - great, even. Xiaomi has not indicated when it plans to release the device specifically, but if this is any indication, you can probably guess "pretty soon."

So, it may not be a bad idea to call up your local Walmart and see if they made the same mistake - this could be more widespread than we know. And at $69, that's an easy impulse buy, am I right?

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