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Wyze Plug review: Turning you on to quick and easy home automation

No one wants to go broke while upgrading their house to become a smart home, and that's a big part of what's made Wyze hardware so appealing: straightforward functionality at a just-can't-be-beat price. Following the launch of Wyze Sense security sensors and the Wyze Bulb earlier this year, the company's smart home offerings are now joined by a solution for controlling existing appliances: the Wyze Plug.

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Wyze smart plugs are available for pre-order today — $15 for two plugs

The previously teased and leaked Wyze smart plug is now a reality. Well, it will be soon. It's real in that you can spend money on it, but Wyze won't send the plugs for a few more weeks. The price is predictably low, just like other Wyze products. For $14.99, you get a pair of Wyze smart plugs that pair with your favorite assistant and other Wyze products.

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