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USA Network gets an Android TV app

There's a general notion out there that USA Network, which NBCUniversal owns, typically acts as the receptacle for second-rate programming that NBC would not air to its white bread primetime audience on any given night. But it's since grown to be what Showtime is to CBS: a home for popular older series like "Law & Order," acclaimed dramas like "Mr. Robot," and a major destination for sports superfans — namely, WWE. To think that it has lacked an Android TV app for the longest time might be unbelievable to some of us, but at last, USA Network finally has such an app.

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New WWE Network App Hits The Play Store With All The Sweaty Live And On-Demand Body Slams Your Android TV Can Handle

Okay, TV viewers. If you like watching overly muscle-y men and women wear skimpy clothing and ridiculous outfits while they fondle each other angrily, listen up. The WWE Network app is now out for Android TV.

This Android app lets you view all of the programming you would expect from the network. This means live feeds and on-demand content, including the substantial archive of angry flesh-on-flesh action from decades of WWE, ECW, and WCW. You also get access to all pay-per-views as they happen. Then there's the behind the scenes footage that fleshes out just who these deep, complex actors really are—or kind of are.

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Android TV's App Selection Will Expand Soon With HBO Go, Twitch, FX Now, VUDU, WWE, And More

Even with a major infusion of horsepower with devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD and Razer Forge TV, the biggest thing holding back the Android TV platform is a scarcity of apps compared to more mature alternatives like Roku. It looks like Google is quickly trying to close the gap: in addition to the announcement of HBO Now (currently exclusive to Apple hardware) at Google I/O, a handful of high-profile and formerly unavailable apps are also making their way to Android TV in the near future.


NVIDIA's SHIELD announcement post makes explicit mention of HBO Go (which is essentially the same thing as HBO Now, but for more conventional cable subscribers), FX Now, Fox Now, Fox News, EPIX, WWE, UFC, Vimeo, Qello, Vudu, and Twitch.

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[Update: Price Raised To $8] WWE 2K Crams A Console-Style Wrestling Game Onto Your Phone For $1 With No In-App Purchases

If you're tired of pretending that The Rock is a literal golem or playing the trading card version of wrestling, then the WWE is ready to deliver a (slightly) less fictional experience to hungry gamers. WWE 2K (that's the publisher 2K, not the year 2000) takes the familiar 3D fighting formula from decades of console wrestling games and shrinks it down into a mobile title. Even more impressive is the price: a single dollar with no in-app purchases in sight, at least for the moment.

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Pro Wrestlers Pretend To Be Superheroes In The Free-To-Play Fighter WWE Immortals

You would think that professional wrestlers don't need an active fantasy life. They get paid huge amounts of money to pretend to beat people up and show off unbelievable physiques on television on a regular basis. But I suppose even wrestlers like to pretend that they're superheroes (the ones that aren't already superheroes, anyway). If you'd like to play along, Warner Bros and developer NetherRealm are here with an officially-licensed WWE fighting game that dials up the more fantastic elements of pro wrestling.

In WWE Immortals, The Rock is a golem who likes to clobber things. Triple H is a Conan-style barbarian.

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[New Game] WWE SuperCard Lets You Live The Blistering Excitement Of Pro Wrestling... With Cards

The Magic-style collectible card game has remained one of the most consistently profitable free-to-play genres on mobile devices. That might explain why every hot-ticket property from Star Wars to Tekken wants in on the action. The latest slightly baffling addition to the pile of CCG titles comes from the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment. Feast your eyes on WWE SuperCard, a game that forces big, burly actors to fight each other with tiny scraps of cardboard instead of fake punches.

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But wait a second, this game isn't just spawning Frank The Steroid Abuser into the ring when you play his card.

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WWE Android App Updated With WWE Network Access In Time For Launch, One-Week Free Trial Included

Today is the day that the WWE turns on the WWE Network, its new streaming service that provides a 24/7 streaming network along with 1,500 hours of video on demand. To kick off the launch, the company is also rolling out an update to its Android app. This way you can watch your favorite scantily clad beefcakes body slam each other anywhere you'd like.

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