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Moto 360 Shows Up At Best Buy With Full Specs And $250 Price Tag, Listed As 'Coming Soon'

We owe many thanks to Best Buy for outing the details of several products a bit before their time. It seems the retailer is at it again with a posting of the Moto 360, including a price and most of the product specs. At some time in the near future, $250 will be all that stands in the way of picking up Motorola's brand new wearable. Unfortunately, it's just listed as "Coming Soon" without any release date.

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[New App] KnightRider Android Wear Watchface Makes You Almost As Stylish As Michael Knight

You didn't have to be alive in the 80s to one day see Michael Knight's communicator watch in Knight Rider and know that it was a cool piece of tech. Sure it may have looked like an old Star Wars AM radio watch, but the functionality this thing packed more than compensated. This watch allowed Michael to talk to his supercar, and now a strikingly similar watchface has appeared for Android Wear, which lets you talk to your superphones.

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