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[Deal Alert] Wren's V5 Speakers Are On Sale For As Low As $159

Memorial weekend is kicking off in the US and products of all shapes and sizes are going on sale. If you happen to be in the market for a speaker, it might be a great time to check out some of Wren's V5-series bookshelf speakers. Normally priced at between $199-$249 for models with a single connection type, these can be had for just $159 from Amazon, or direct from Wren with a discount code. The huge V5US all-in-one model with Bluetooth, Play-Fi, and Airplay is available for $399 with code.

Back in 2013, I reviewed the V5PF Play-Fi model, and then followed up with the V5US all-in-one model last year.

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Wren V5US Review: A Truly Great Speaker With Bluetooth, AirPlay, And Play-Fi Support, But It Has A Really Steep Price

I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to review the V5PF (Play-Fi) Wireless Speaker from Wren. The sound quality was absolutely immaculate, and everything about the physical product more than justified its fairly high price tag. The one unfortunate dark spot in the nearly perfect experience came from software – an Android app built by DTS to run its proprietary Play-Fi protocol. It was ugly, amateurish, and unreliable. Two years have passed, and Wren has released the V5US, a new model that not only fixes some minor issues from previous products, but it also combines the features of its three existing variants to produce a single speaker with support for Play-Fi, AirPlay, and Bluetooth.

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Wren V5PF Wireless Speaker Review: Premium Build and Brilliant Audio Quality Almost Cut Down By A Mediocre App

In the last few years, wireless speakers have exploded onto the scene with prices ranging from sub-$100 utility speakers up to a few thousand dollars for large home theater packages. A fairly new competitor, Wren, is trying to place itself in the ever more lucrative high-end bookshelf market. With a lineup of 3 wireless speakers priced at $399 each, the company is trying to take some attention away from the current leader, Sonos. Having spent a bit of time with the V5PF, the model intended for use with Android devices, I'm definitely impressed with the quality and looks, but the control app turned out to be a disappointment in an otherwise fantastic package.

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