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Big Blue Bubble Releases Burn The Rope Worlds - Offers 100 New Puzzles, 4 New Worlds, And Endless Burn

Following up on the popularity of Burn the Rope, the developers at Big Blue Bubble recently released Burn the Rope Worlds, a new game that improves on its predecessor by taking gameplay to a variety of new worlds, and introducing a few twists as well.

Players can now burn ropes through four new worlds, including Jungle, Mechanical, Fantasy and Space. Additionally, BTR Worlds brings a new mini game called "Endless Burn," which is essentially Burn the Rope's answer to the classic game Snake, the object being to collect as many bugs as possible without hitting a wall, your flame tail growing all the while.

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Alternative Android Market BloomWorlds Dead Before Arrival - Here Are The Startup Lessons They've Learned (And You Should Too)

Have you heard of BloomWorlds? Chances are you probably haven't, because even though I've been seeing intermittent updates about it on and off for the past year and a half, they never actually came out with a product, which was supposed to be a family-friendly, curated Android market. As of today, the project is shut down, and the post mortem report filled with reasons for its failure is sitting in our inboxes.

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